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False Front!!

May 04, 2009 - 3 comments

even though sometimes i say i am so possitive sometimes i feel like i am lying to myself to try and be happy? as you all no i have been told i have pcos i am gutted but exited as i can move on and get help (easier said than donewith my doctors) even though i say i am so possitive and exited deep down i no its false as i feel that emptyness in my belly :( i see every one getting bfps and i am so happy there my insperation but i feel like i am being left behind wow  its gutting i wouldnt cope withput this place i just hope soon i get hel a and its my time btw 22 on the 15th thought i would be preg with #2 now how wrong was i x

OMG! i no our jorneys are hard but some people just go on and on

Apr 27, 2009 - 0 comments

every one who nos me no i am a nice person who just needs a break (dont we all lol)
i would never offend anyone and it came to my attention that some replys on posts on some forums were harsh people come here for adice and support  it also came to someone elses attention and i replyed to a jornel and wow it has been carried on and on and on and on i mean why argue were all here for the same thing so get over it and lets all be freinds and move on were adults i no were pumped with hormones but were all in the same boat and all here for support so come on ladies lets give it and my personal oinion is if you dont have nothing nice to say why say anything at all

good luck to me and everyone xxxx baby dust xxxx

WOW!!!! so hard!!!!

Apr 21, 2009 - 7 comments

so i dont no were to start my life is standing still while everyone around me is moving on!
been bding unprotected for over 2 yrs now been tryiing propely for just over 1
the hardest sadest cruelest time of my life i dont no if i have ever had a bfp i had a susected loss
never had a bfp though
i love it on here so many insperations ppl getting there bfps and even though were happy and it keeps us fighting im so jelous inside cuz i wanna feel it as i am only 22 nearlly help is hard to come by people dont take u as serious but i n its what i want ans my whole life is on hold
how can something so easy for 90 percent of people be so damn hard for me????
i read everyones story on here and sometimes feel guilty for moaning you women are a tough bunch and thats what makes us the best moms in the world!!!!! we will do it one day and be so grateful and happy and cherish every minute lets not get started on the ungratful young eople who get givin an amazing gift and they dont see it
any way i will be back to rant some more but i think enuf for now xx

good luck to me and all of you x

6 days late

Jan 13, 2009 - 0 comments

hope its my turn x

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