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Feb 26, 2013 - 0 comments



seizure disorder


hot flush


black out




deja vu


numb tongue

Today i am going to strat to record what is going on so i can maybe get answers and help anyone else that may get this problem.

i have had many episodes and have started to record them Back track of episodes i have taken notes from.
The first time this occurred i was 19 and had just had my first child she was 9 months old. I was sitting down and as i was not aware of the feeling as it came on i didn’t think anything of it and passed out as i did so hit my head on my mother’s sawing machine it didn’t cause any damage to my body but my mother raced me to the doctors who did a heart monitoring which showed nothing abnormal.
This has happened to me now a lot maybe up to 10 times a year not always blacking out.  I have because aware on the signs before it happens as explained below. This has not happened while pregnant with my first or second pregnancy or up to 9 months after birth. With both children when they were 9 months the first blackout occurred and my second she was 9 months when another one of my occurrences happened and had not happened during pregnancy or for those 9 months after birth.
I get a hot flush hottest in my face then my stomach starts to feel nauseas on some occasions i may feel like urinating. I get a fuzzy / dizzy /tense feeling. So i feel the best thing is to lay down so i get somewhere safe (either sitting up against a wall or laying down) as fast as possible and close my eyes to help with the nausea. I then stay very  still and don’t like to talk as my mouth gets very dry and all i want to do is swallow to help the nausea.  i am thinking please do not pass out (black out). This will last about 1-3 min in this time on some occasions i will black out completely for maybe 1-2 min when i black out and come around i have no energy after and feel nauseas also no recollection of the blackout moment it is as if i have fallen asleep and woke up but feel scared and emotional (will cry). My mother has experienced this and advice me that i close my eyes and just go lump. If i am to not black out it will still last about 1-2 min. It will normal take a day or half a day to come right and feel normal again. After i just want to be next to something very cold as i feel so hot and don’t want to move right away i will also go to toilet and urinate as I have not urinated during a episode but before and after have had the urge to.  

I also on some occasions get déjà vu before this happens. Not recently will advise of full occurrence if happens.

Recent occurrences.
3/2/2013 – 7:07 – I just woke up, and walked to my daughter’s room change her nappies in her bedroom then pick her up and brought her into my bedroom. We both lay down on the bed and i felt fine. I leant over her to grab my iPod as i did i felt a episode coming on. So i put down my iPod and closed my eyes as i felt all and usual feelings. As it past and i opened my eyes back up my tongue felt a little funny i lay there for about 2 min then wrote this.
1 to 10 intensity - 8

17/2/2013 – 8:15 – i was sitting on a chair, writing a message on my iphone . My stomach started to turn and my temputure rising so i stood up and moved to the couch lay down and felt like i needed to urinate and my temputure getting hotter. I closed my eyes as i felt nausea. I DID NOT PASS OUT (BLACK OUT). As it started to wear off i had a little numb/furry feeling on my tongue. It felt like 1 min from the time i got up from the chair till it wore off.
That night and morning prior: I had a about 5 Pre mix drinks got home at 1pm and slept till 8 = 7 hr sleep. I had eaten a biscuit and a packet of burger rings that morning and no major movements that morning or night before.
1 to 10 intensity = 9

Will post more as occur. If anyone else has a similar thing or can help with this will appreciate very much.