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spending most of my day on medhelp.

Jun 13, 2008 - 4 comments

thank you medhelp

There's never a day that I'm NOT on medhelp. Whether or not I have a post. I'm on here more than any other site. I found this site last month and I have to say, it's really an amazing site. I'm happy to have found it. Helping you ladies out and you helping me is how the world should be. This place has helped me so much and I will continue to be apart of it!! Thanks to google I found medhelp..

And yes, I did just post something like this. lol. It's just a thank you journal to medhelp for making a great and helpful site. :) Don't you agree?

Fill it out

Jun 05, 2008 - 11 comments


Name: Jennifer
Age: 20 almost 21
First marriage 2 yrs
Currently TTC #1
Favorite foods: Itailan, and Chinese
Goals: Become a mother, start a non profit organization, and become a gma!
Reason for TTC: I feel women are meant to have babies. We are what keep the earth going.
Men have the sperm, yes, But without us, they'd have no place to put it!!! LOL
Future/Present Baby name(s): I was thinking of, Abbalyn or Mayla for girls. And, possibly Patrick Kyle, or Ivan Wayne for boys.

Ok your turn!!!! :0)