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Happy Veteran's Day

Nov 11, 2015 - 0 comments


Every man and woman who enlisted in the U.S. armed forces assumed the risk of losing life and limb in defense of our Nation and our constititional freedoms.
On this Veteran's Day, I'd like to let all our veterans know that their service and sacrifices have earned them the Nation's respect, honor, and undying gratitude.
I salute you and thank you.

Farewell, my beloved brother

Sep 26, 2015 - 11 comments






My brother, age 63, lost the battle for his life this week. He died of complications of pancreatic cancer with metastases, cirrhosis, diabetes, and COPD. He suffered from painful ascites, hematomas, wounds that wouldn't heal, labored breathing, crushing fatigue, and mind-bending pain. In a testament to his indomitable spirit, he survived 14 months after being diagnosed in July 2014, several months longer than his doctors predicted.
I was amazed at his fighting spirit, but I am relieved that his suffering is finally over. I'll miss him terribly.
He wasn't just my brother--he was my confidante, partner in crime, and best buddy.
H had a wicked sense of humor, which he maintained up until the end, and I'm going to miss that most of all.
Good night, my brother. Rest easy till we meet again.