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Jun 23, 2014 - 0 comments

BP seems to have spiked in the last couple of days. I've just moved into a new apartment in Weidlisbach so perhaps its a bit of stress from the move on the otherhand may be my weight / water level is a bit higher. Think I'll try the Cinammon tea again I stopped it for a while because I had Fennugreek mixed in with it and I think it might release insulin thereby working against the Ketogenic diet. I'll grind some up later after I''ve been for a walk.I'll bring my scales from Bad homburg at the weekend.

Beta Blocker

Jun 09, 2014 - 0 comments

Found out that the Beta Blocker may have something to do with the memory loss. Its not listed in the side effects but in tests on about 3500 patients taking the same beta blocker 50 reported memory loss and none got rid of the problem. Think I'll look up the same information about the  Crestor to see if its effects are reversible.In the meantime I'll consider if I'm going to keep taking the Beta blockers. I'm already on only half a tablet but the tablets can be quartered. so I think I'll try that during the week with a view to stopping them by next weekend. Two other side effects of this new Beta blocker are rapid weight increase (I've put on about 0.5 kg  visceral fat ) and increase in Cholesterol.

Started on a quarter tablet and initially my BP went up to 150 / 90 but has now come down to the lowest figures I've seen to date 104 / 69 Its odd that the systolic is also lower. I'll give it another couple of days then reduce to a quarter every two days for a day or two then stop taking it.

Started the new Beta blocker

Jun 08, 2014 - 0 comments

03 June 2014:

Started taking the new Beta blocker Nebivolol 2.5 milligram (half a 5mg tablet daily) It is supposed to be more heart centric  in other words not interfering with my balance (neuropaththy of the nerves in the ankles and feet).  Initially BP went up but now its down to the previous levels. there are some indications of mood change and loss of memory but with this weather I'll give it the benefit of the doubt until I know other wise. Then the Dr who prescribed it might wind up wearing it. The effect on memory is not the same as Crestor it seems to have affected my medium to long term memory rather than immediate to short term.

University hospital check up

Apr 26, 2014 - 0 comments

Thursday 24th first check up following from by-pass operation they re-did the cycling whilst measuring BP and ECG and found that I had a peak output of 110 watts which is an improvement over the performance at Gais in . They want me to keep on with the beta blockers (to improve pumping action) but have suggested a change to Nebilet 2.5mg / day I'll check it out and see if its worth doing they want it to reduce my pulse rate so that's a new investigation into a natural way of reducing heart rate (eat more foxgloves ?). During the discussion after I had demonstrated that my BP was in the normal range most of the time they still wanted me to restart the BP medicine I had been on before and a Statin. I told them of my problems with Statins and pointed out that they were off the menu. They suggested a drug with a different action one which blocks the absorption of Cholesterol in the gut (has no chance of reducing cholesterol to the levels they want so i'm not going to take it)  They have said that I can stop taking the Brillique to which I replied now I can shave with confidence again they also thought that I was taking the full 2 tabs a day despite the fact I had said on previous occasions I had dropped it to one tablet.They still failed to explain why they wanted my Cholesterol so low I think I'll dig out the reference to the publication I found add my take on it and send it to the hospital. I think I'll have to double up my efforts to go Ketogenic by getting a higher proportion of  fats to protein. Also I think I'll look into the database ( so I can calculate the levels of Fat Protein and Carbohydrate as a % of my calorific intake. I'm also thinking of getting a meter or urine strips that read Ketones as well as  glucose meter. Next check up 12 months I'll continue with the Concor (beta blocker until they run out ) then decide if I'll take the new one of stop alltogether in the meantime I'll look into this pumping efficiency  claim if there is publicised peer reviewed information out there and it shows that there a a significant improvement in pumping efficiency perhaps I'll try it. I got the written report from the University Hospital Zurich at the end of April basically setting out what I said above The anti-Cholesterol drug they want me to try is Ezetimibe I suggested this one the Drs at Gais but they wanted Statins first. now my feeling is trying to control Cholesterol to less than its natural level is a wasted effort much better to concentrate on the level of inflammation besides which there are drugs  with the same action as Ezetimbe which are known to cause problems with thinking.