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Blood sugar and Ketogenic diet

Mar 25, 2014 - 0 comments

I noticed recently that if I eat too many nuts in the evening my blood sugar is slightly raised in the morning I think that the increased level of protein is leading to Gluconeogenisis. on one occasion I measured my blood glucose before breakfast at 95 and about 15 min after eating breakfast and found a very high level (400+) probably due to the glass of orange juice I had with it which contained about 12g of naturally occurring sugar. 5 min later and my blood suger was down to about 350 and one and a half hours later it had dropped to about 85. I think that over night the gluconeogenisis occurs slowly and doesn't trigger an insulin response. Then when a sugar spike occurs Insulin is being released and the blood sugar level is brought down to less than the fasting level measured before eating.

Diabetes tracker

Mar 13, 2014 - 0 comments

Took blood Glucose reading before breakfast at :-

96 mg / dl = 5.3 mmol/dl

15 min after breakfast

459 mg/dl = 25 mmol/dl

20 min after breakfast

362 mg/dl = 20mmol/dl

90min after breakfast

89 mg/dl = 4.94 mmol/dl

Conclusion although my breakfast contained very little carbohydrates (main source orange juice at 15g / glass) this caused a spike in blood sugar the 90 min measurement was lower than the overnight fasting measurement indicating that perhaps some additional sugar is released overnight possibly by neogenisis / slow breakdown  reactions not instigating insulin release due to much slower release.

Weight and body composition

Mar 08, 2014 - 0 comments

My weight has started to come down again after going off track for a while. I've started on a Ketogenic diet recently and stopped taking the Crestor as it was interfering with my short term memory. The Ketogenic diet relies on calories from fats rather than carbohydrates and can boost HDL levels and increase the particle size of the LDL cholesterol. I think that my weight problem is mostly involved with not reducing the portion sizes to give the right number of calories (ca 1200 / day) which will allow my weight to reduce. My daughter warned that it might lead to muscle loss but I've not noticed any significant change from my scale which measures body fat, muscle, water and bone.
Before Operation (June 3 2013) : Weight =    74.5kg.  Fat =    34.5 %      Muscle =     34.5%    ( 25.70 kg)

Today (08/03/14                         : Weight =     65.0kg.  Fat =    27.8 %      Muscle =     37.2%    ( 24.18 kg)

Thus muscle only contributed 500gms to a weight loss of 10.5 kg this is probably due to the accuracy of the scales in measuring fat / muscle content I've noticed that different scales calculate different values. It could also be due to reduced fat / glycogen and water in the muscle its self due to the Ketogenic diet.        

Effect of stopping Crestor and Ketogenic diet

Mar 05, 2014 - 0 comments

The excessive salivation has stopped so I'm no longer making a clacking sound as I try to keep swallowing it.
Memory lapses have reduced increasing confidence.
I'll restart taking the anticoagulant (Brillique) now the cut on my finger is healing well noticed more bruising on my right arm possibly from putting the bike on its main stand for the MOT
Weight has come down and with it blood pressure