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Oct 22, 2014 - 0 comments

hep c

Can't believe it's nearly a year since I was posting. In sum, the naturopathic treatment didn't do any harm but then again it didn't do much good either, ie it didn't get rid of the virus. Indeed, it did interact badly with Suboxone at high levels and I had to stop. I don't want to harp on that but I consider it something I had to do.

I have been studying Grad Dip in Professional Communication and have just completed two units in Scriptwriting which has been challenging as I have drawn on a lot of personal experiences.  I don't think I'm the next Vince Gilligan but the study has been good for personal satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment!!

I am still working full time in a call centre which can be a hive of bacteria and germs... ich! but generally have maintained good health. As I stated in my introduction, my liver is functioning within the norm, however recently I have been experiencing increased lethargy, acute head ache, painful wrists and strange sensations in my extremities, as well as mild fever.  Overall this makes me feel unenthusiastic about exercise and the gym is difficult to consider at the end of the day.  I decided to take today off work, something I have hesitated to do as I don't deal very well with too much time to myself.  I hope the rest will put an end to this bout of lethargy which started about two weeks ago.  

I have also described spasmodic attacks I experience from time to time emanating from my tummy and I wonder if this may be related to Hep C.  They generally knock me for six. I was ready to have a gastroscoscophy (?) but haven't booked in yet as the fasting put me off the idea of it and just getting organised.  And I didn't have an attack for several months - until two weeks ago.  This of course, would seem to be the cause of the recent relapse of lethargy and fever.  

I am wondering if the virus is catching up with me, no matter how well I look after myself. Or am I kidding myself? Do I have to look after myself better than I have been.  For instance I don't want to go without a glass of wine over dinner, etc etc

I thought I saw a putty cat.... I did, I did

Jul 04, 2013 - 0 comments

Jamie didn't believe me when I told him I rode 23 kilometers in an hour and I must admit I began to doubt myself... I'm a good one for doing something once but doing it again.....well, I had my doubts.  This Tuesday, I rocked up to the cycle class again!  Armed with my fluffy seat cover, I don't pretend to look like a pro.... I told the trainer that my son didn't believe me...  ie that I rode 23 kilometers and with a sadistic smile on his face he said, we'll do more tonight.....  Really!!!!  Then he went on to say that he's got people in some of his classes who are sixty and seventy years old..  That made me feel great!   I didn't think to say well I bet they haven't got the dreaded Hector disease...  You know what I mean.. I wouldn't!  But I got back on the bike as they say....

Well after half an hour I was pretty bushed... But, I am also a good one for finishing what I started....   I stayed on that bike and watched it tick over every hundred meters until, 63 minutes into it, he says OK...  stop! and I had ridden 22.9 kilometers!!!  I wanted to keep going that bit extra but it was time to do some stretches...  

On an intellectual subject, I was admitted and enrolled in the Grad Dip of Professional Communication which starts at the end of August....  

I also went for a job in the city... Really bad timing. This is my problem...  Getting on with life is hard in the context of projecting to a time when I may need to take time off work. I am empowered at the moment at my workplace to take time off as I need.....   So I think I have to put the idea of changing jobs to bed for a while... Does anyone have anything to say about that....  If I wait for the newer treatments... then I'll have long service leave but who wants to spend that sitting around feeling '****'?

Sisters are doing it for themselves

Jun 28, 2013 - 0 comments

I have two sisters, Pam and Caz. Pam is a mother of three and was the only one in the family to have settled down and had a family...  She was not exposed to sex and drugs and rock and roll....  At the age of 27 she met and married her perfect match.  Pam is dutiful, and funny, all her kids are dutiful. When I needed someone to supervise access, my solicitor called Pam, and I know it was with hesitation, (as she protects her lot) but she said yes...  That was three years ago..  Caz is a psychotherapist, has just returned from her third trip to Fiji in six months as she was having a romance with a village boy half her age..  Caz lives about 5 kilometers from me, Pam lives about thirty kilometers away.  Caz texted me tonight to tell me an old boyfriend of mine had died...  She had counseled him when she was working in Mental Health. Poor Rohan was schizophrenic and a drug addict. I had never used heroin with Rohan. We had smoked marijuana together and spent time at his family's horse stud farm. His family had been very prolific; his  father the President of the Victorian Racing Club, his uncle the President of the Lawn Tennis Association of Victoria.  We hung out together for a while but he wasn't my type and when I fell pregnant, I couldn't contemplate having his child.  He probably also had Hep C but at that time I didn't. I had never used heroin.  I hadn't seen him in over twenty years.  So that was the first thing she texted me.  I asked how her trip to Fiji went and she proceeded to tell me that the boy had proposed to her but he wants children....etc etc.  She is going flying with a friend in his little twin engine plane on Sunday and asked if I am seeing Jamie on the weekend. End of conversation... I messaged Pam regarding access on Sunday..  She called me back.  We talked for a while and then I couldn't believe it. Pam, the very conservative, very quiet and reserved person she is...  asked me..."How's your treatment going?'   I am really shocked....  I had to tell my journal as I will read back on this with greater appreciation... one day.  I told her No.  I decided not to, I had put it off... I felt a bit defensive, like maybe I should have started it... But I explained that I am glad of my decision.  I am feeling too well at the moment to put myself through the side effects...  To make myself so utterly miserable and unwell..  She understood. I also explained that I have found out so much more about it.. This was momentous...  Family... I have support!    

Fitness First

Jun 27, 2013 - 0 comments

I am on an adrenaline high since riding 23 kilometers or 14.29 miles in the spin class at gym on Tuesday night!!!  Just got my blood test results excluding viral load, thanks Doc!  Will make an appointment to see Naturopath...  So I will start to report how that goes...  I have to say I am still feeling very well, and I think the St Mary's Thistle has made a big difference to my feelings of wellbeing...   The results don't reveal anything significant. I'm pissed the Doc didn't include viral load and I find it hard to understand why he wouldn't have!

If anything, I should practice controlling my feelings of frustration....  The world is not perfect!  Nor am I...  

I have submitted my application for the Grad Dip in Prof Communication, so I am looking forward to starting back at study part-time..  It was part of my treatment plan, if I was going to be home...  I don't want to think about treatment at the moment.  I'm feeling strong and independent. Thinking about starting golf.....and other things.. Staying positive!