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Going for 2mg!

Jul 10, 2008 - 2 comments

Hi all,
  I'm on 4mg for a few days and 2moro I'm going to 2mg.I hope it isn't as painful as Lortab withdraws.I have real pain issues on top of the withdrawals,but I can't take pain med.So I hope it is alittle easier.Somedays I wish I hadn't seen Suboxone,but it did bring me here.I just think it's going to be harder to come off the come off Drug.Crazy huh!

                                                                                    Peace be with You!

Nearing the Beginning of the End!

Jul 08, 2008 - 1 comments

Scared of Withdrawal

  I have had some kind of addiction since I was 14 yrs old. First,drinking then came pot. You know because when your 16 it not a gateway drug. Right, not for alot well I happen to get the wonderful gene of more,more more. Then I broke something and the Dr. gave me some Lortabs,well that was that where have you been all my life. I didn't have to feel anything.Then met my ex-wife had 2 beautiful daughters,and got worse couldn't work,play,smile without opiates.Fastforward lost them and her hit many rock bottoms,many rehabs that winged me for 14 days with Subutex.Well,I wasn't ready to stop cause that meant I had to feel.I got blessed by getting my daughters back.Well,long story short I now am on what I  thought was a great thing Suboxone.I'm so scared of the withdraws from this drug it's crazy.It has made my life so much better,but,I don't know if I can handle the withdrawals.