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It's Time For Me

Apr 22, 2009 - 3 comments

Today I have come to the realization, again, that I need to take back a piece of my life for myself. What good am I to my family if I'm dead or laid up for weeks because I pushed my body beyond it's limits? I'm not new to this. I know fibromyalgia, have had more than 10 yrs., the other issues that cause equal and greater pain have been around not so long but I know how they work too. Take care of yourself. Be kind. Not an excuse to be lazy and slack off all day every day but I need to keep in mind my limitations and part of that is realizing that mom needs not just slow work days but a no work go play or do nothing day. I need to feel like the me who was more than Caitlin's mom, grocery shopper, house cleaner, illness victim, wife/sex slave. I want FREEDOM!!! And I shall reclaim it :)