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A note I have posted for my wife on facebook through these hard tymes.

Nov 05, 2014 - 0 comments

Dear Jessica deLune. My wife, my soul mate.. I miss you more then words can describe, I am truely sorry for all the pain I have put you through as well as heartbreak I have put on you.You are truely a beatiful soul and I can only hope that are bond can be rekindled from what it once was. I will work my hardest to make us a family and stable agian. please hang in there and know I am watching over us even if we are not together my soul is still hoovering near you and keeping you warm on these cold nights, I well post more later but for know just know I am close and you are the only one for me.

My church....

Oct 19, 2014 - 0 comments

My church has no wall
My church has no roof
Birds are flying through
Stars are shining above
My church has no door
My church has no window
Shy owls are welcome there
Secret lakes are stained glass
And bluebells go to the mass
It is a shelter in my heart
Hugeness in my soul
My church is nowhere
And everywhere at the same
As fragile as a snowflake
As strong as love
For it is the breath of life
For it is just made of faith.

Trying to stay on a routine.

Apr 02, 2014 - 0 comments

Hello all who read. I have been trying to stick to a routine now for awhile . The main thing I can say is I hate winter, the cold and myself dont get along. I have a feeling summer well be easier as I dont mind the heat. I have my awesome bike I have been riding unfortunitly not so much lately as for the snow and bad weather. but waiting for the sun to shine agian so I can start my riding and running in these beatiful mountains I live in. I just want to be fit and health agian away from pain pills and all that jazz. Hope everyone is having an awesome week just a rant I wanted to do.

Memory boosting...

Nov 06, 2013 - 0 comments

Hello all,
    I just got my shipment in from swansons Health products.. I set out my meds/supplements for a week and I was like wow I am now going to be taking.

Lions mane mushrooms....(not a mushroom you might think of lol its a delicacy in Japan and China and suppose to work wonders on memory.. well let everyone know how it works as time goes on.)

Ginkgo-Biloba- another memory enhancer and energy booster.

Vinpocetine. memory enhancer suppose to help effects of  lions mane. another new one to me.

MSM- which is a joint supplement to help build fluids for the joins.

Glocusomine- A combination for the MSM to help with joints.

A multivitamin

so well see if my memory now gets better (I got ADD so trying whatever I can to improve myself thats not prescription.

If anyone has anything else they could recommend or wants to comment on anything here feel free too.