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Im late

Oct 04, 2008 - 0 comments

Sorry for being late in updating my charts, my hope is to get both physically and mentally healthier as time goes. My mood for a long time has been very fatigued, anxiety and depression filled. I could name every other worry I have but dont have the room. One thing I have is Im extremely motivated to get healthier in many diffent ways. My life needs a signifigant change onto a better course of some success. I hope everyone is well, enjoy the weekend!

Its time

Oct 04, 2008 - 0 comments

Over the last year I have gone through alot of difficulties, Ive overcome some of my problems, but still have many more to go. About 8months ago I started taking a medication for nerve pain that ended up not working to well. It also, along with my lack of excercise, caused me to gain about 30lbs in about 45days. Now 8mon. later Im still struggling to get this excess weight off, never realized how hard it would be. I know as far as the group goes the goal is a few lbs, but my longer term goal is stated above. Its only added to my list of problems, its one Im also very motivated to get past. Good luck to all you out there, stay positive. Have a good weekend!