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Birth of our dear Abigail

Oct 23, 2009 - 1 comments

On 23rd October 2009 at 5:58 pm, Abigail was born weighing 8 lbs 5 oz, with a head circumference of 35 cm.

She came naturally on her own accord the day before being due to be induced. Thursday night I ate a whole pineapple, so I wonder if that coaxed her to come the next day...

She was born at 41 weeks 2 days. I was 10 and a half hours in labour with contractions starting at 7:29 am Friday morning. I had 13 within the first hour! By 11:30 am I had gone to the birth centre with my Kai in Hospital and was examined as 6 cm dilated. The contractions steadily got worse and worse so that by 3 pm I had decided I could no longer bear them and requested an epidural. Until then I had just the gas and air for pain relief, but being a big baby compared to my other boys who weighed 6 lbs 13 and 6 lbs 14, I found the pain unbearable and needed extra relief. I did not have an epidural on them.

So at 3:50 pm, the epidural was administered and started to take some effect at 4:10 pm in-so-much-as the contractions became shorter and milder. I lost all feeling of pain at 5:10 pm which was Heaven!! At 5:30 the midwife said I was ready to push. As I had a lower dose of epidural I did not need assistance in getting baby out, I was able to push for around half an hour, and then she was born.... at 5:58 pm.

Kai and I cried tears of happiness when seeing her for the first time. She took to my breast shortly after and suckled for one hour twenty mins. That was a very proud moment.

She is feeding well via breast feeding and some expressing. She has slept her first night at home only waking the once. She is a contented little baby girl. We are totally in love xxx

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So I am a week overdue. 41 weeks today.

Oct 21, 2009 - 1 comments

I had my bloody show/ mucus loss the night-before-last at 40 weeks 5 days - the same day I had a membrane sweep done in the ante-natal part of Hospital. The sweep was uncomfortable but I'm glad I had it done as I have suffered over the weekend with my backpain and admit I did want the induction brought forward which is scheduled for 9 am Saturday morning.

I didn't have the mucus loss at all on Joshua and Austin, so it was strange to see, but none-the-less exciting. And a little more of it last night.

However, still nothing has happened to coax Abigail to come out. I have been experiencing the most severe lower backpain for the last 4-5 days. Again I don't recall it ever being this painful with the boys. I am convinced Abigail is a big-baby (8 lbs +). And probably continuing to gain weight as she is very content in there.

Low and strong braxton hicks have been happening for days now. I am actually 41 Weeks today though. It's been slightly frustrating watching my due date come and go, and the due date week come and go too, but I am getting induced Saturday morning if still no sign, so she's gonna have to come out then. I can barely walk without a limp at the mo (backpain is very direct and concentrated in one place)

So baby will be here in a maximum of 3 days time. Feels a long way away, but really it's just around the corner!! And I have housework I need to do!!

Joshua and Austin are looking forward to seeing Baby-Bump now. Joshua is particularly aware and looking forward to ''Saturday''.

Can't wait to meet our little girl <3

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Baby is doing sommersaults !!

Oct 02, 2009 - 0 comments

So I have just 13 days to go until my due date and the last three days I have not been feeling so energetic, or well for that matter. It feels like a sluggish feeling in my tummy, that is draining me. (don't know how else to describe it really) Last week I was nesting and loving the laundry!! But here I am feeling sluggish, a little nauseous and experiencing lightening constantly. And so I am forced to take it easy and just want to lay down.

Abigail, as I write this, is doing summersaults that feel like waves of movements ranging from my ribs to my pelvis. It's so vigourous that it's making me nauseous.
I appreciate it though and love to feel the movements. They let me know she's ok. And I find the 'lightening' exciting as I wonder if she's on her way??

But I have been apprecitaing the resting in bed as I feel drained when I do too much. My body has had enough of all the strain I think and so the end is nigh...

38 weeks 1 day

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ECV Booked For Today

Sep 29, 2009 - 1 comments

Well Kai and I arrived at the Labour Ward and proceeded to a delivery room for the ECV procedure to take place. This is to turn a breech baby (or attempt to) into a head-down position. I have heard the procedure is very uncomfortable and was not looking forward to it.
So up on the hospital bed the midwife examines my bump (calling it a lovely bump!) and she suggests that she can feel a head down in my pelvis. After a little while my consultant comes in and he too does an examination and says to the midwife with a smile ''I think you might be right''.
So now we were going to scan just to see for sure the position of the baby, and that revelead that the baby's head was indeed in my pelvis, with feet under my right ribs, and her back on my left side and her bum by my right ribs.
We were very happy with the news. My consultant said baby was in position for natural delivery.
So that was that and we went off home and had a lovely afternoon together.
We are very happy to be looking forward to a natural delivery.

(I have been experiencing lightening the last week or so, so I wonder now weather that was in fact her head putting pressure on my pelvis but I couldn't be sure)

38 weeks tomorrow, woohoo !!

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