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Smoking tobaco, and liver cirrhosis

Aug 08, 2010 - 1 comments


I might just get this stuff and we'll together see if it does work. First of all my names Mark and I'm a recoving alcoholic. I've been sober now for 4 years and the doctors say that my liver disease scores are really improving and that's fantastic to me. It's a long story but I promise to keep it short as possible.

I'm 54 years old now and don't have any desire to die right away because I'm a 4 time winner with 4 grandkids.

So I have this liver issue kinda figured out by trying to eat the right foods, I really don't have a problem anymore except my bad habit of smoking that I'm trying to quit but I have to say it was easier to stop drinking like I did cold turkey. Cigarettes are much different to me and I ware these 14mg patches that ain't getting it done like I want it to. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

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