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My Mom (by my 7-year-old)

May 09, 2010 - 11 comments

We've all seen 'em.  Those adorable fill in the blank forms that schools will have children fill in containing the children's perception of their moms.  Well, my daughter, who is in 1st grade, brought home HERS to ME this past Friday.  I love it, and thought I'd share it.  My heart is heavy for the mom of a teenager in our community who took his life overnight Friday, so this card is even MORE cherished in light of that tragedy......  Feel free to share any and ALL Mother's Day anecdotes here.  Come one, come all.......   (I do believe you will be able to figure out which part is my dau's summing up of

Height:  8 Foot

Weight:  not to (sic) much

Age:  45 (darn!  she got THAT right!  lol)

Color Eyes:  Green

Color Hair:  red is n/orange (YOU figure that out!  is it "red as in orange?"  lol)

Likes:  me and megan plus Dad Kevin (should be an & in there after Dad)

Dislikes:  Spiders and Frogs mud


1.  My mother looks prettiest when: you dasint ware make up

2.  I like being with my mom most when: we go on a trip

3.  If I could give my mother something special just from me it would be: the Best Drawing ever

Love, Erin

This just scares me.....

Apr 01, 2010 - 32 comments

The people who love "the anointed one" are always wanting links and web addresses to things he has said or done.  They LOVE to say "prove it."  Well, these TWO clips are included in just ONE link.  They take 21 seconds to watch.  If these don't scare you, you are not listening to or comprehending the words.  This just scares me.

Bully Fighting-Journal 3

Jun 05, 2009 - 16 comments

I have had some small encouragement this week in the whole School Resource Officer (SRO) saga.  I went to my Wed. body sculpt class (6/3/09) and the instructor, Candy asked me if anything new was going on since we had last talked.  I told her about my having gone to see the DA, to no avail.  I also told her that I went to see the SRO’s supervisor, the Lt., at the Police Department (PD).  I told her how defensive the Lt. was about the SRO and how he said that I am the ONLY parent who has complained about the officer.  What a shame, because the more people I talk to, the more I hear, “I don’t like him [his name is used here]”.  The ONLY person who seems to like him is his boss.

Last Friday, May 28, when I came home from the VERY frustrating meeting with the SRO’s boss, I wrote an e-mail to the school district superintendent.  In the message, I told him about the incident where two female students wrote a list of 68 ways they were going to KILL another student.  I received a response from the superintendent on Tuesday, June 2, saying that “there are a large number of variables with each and every situation like this and after being informed, I am comfortable with how it was handled.”  HUH????  This is THE GUY who I quoted from the newspaper when I wrote to him as having said, “The school pursues prosecution and expulsion even in the case of pranks, hoaxes or impulsive venting of emotions.”  He was quoted as having said that after a student at a different junior high school made a list of 18 students he was going to “hit/kill”.

After getting that message from the superintendent, being turned away from the DA, and the “almost” fight with the SRO’s boss - because the SRO is *so* wonderful, I felt like quitting.  I knew I was NOT going to, but like Peggy and Barb said in their comments to me, I knew I was going to *have* to regroup, rethink, and renew.  I was really praying and asking if I should actually QUIT altogether or regather my strength and hit the ground running when I was up to the battle.

Kind of like the last time when I was asking God a similar question, I feel I got my answer.  As I was saying, when I went to the class at the Y this past Wed., the instructor, Candy, wasn’t only interested in what was going on for the sake of gossip.  Her daughter will be attending the same junior high school within the next year or two.  At the elementary school where her dau now attends school, there is a program called Police Academy, and this SRO is involved in that program.  Candy has already seen enough to know she doesn’t like him.  Not only does SHE not like him, she said there is another mom who is a private detective who doesn’t like him.  This lady wants to talk to *ME*.  Candy took my phone number in order to give it to her private detective friend.  I haven’t heard from her yet, but perhaps I will over the weekend.  I am encouraged.

But wait!  There’s more.  While Candy and I were talking, a mutual friend of ours was also standing there.  She, of course, got interested in the topic of our conversation.  Candy started asking me to fill her in by saying things like, “Tell Mary about the alcohol!”  So, I’d tell Mary that nice little piece of information.  After THAT incident, Candy said, “You DO know that Mary’s husband is an attorney, don’t you?”  I said, “No, I did NOT.  What kind of attorney IS he, Mary?”  She told me he worked all kinds of cases, but this was CERTAINLY within his realm.

Then, Candy prompted me to tell Mary even MORE stuff.  By the time I got finished, Mary said that I *HAD* to call Mike, her husband.  We stepped into an office and she wrote down his office phone number.  She said that if nothing else, the first consultation is free and he can help us to get started.  I had told her that I had already made up my mind that *IF* I get an attorney, I wanted someone out of town.  I have already figured out (DUH!) that in this small town, I am banging my head up against a wall.

Later that day, I received an e-mail from Mary.  She was so convinced by all that she heard from me that day - and from some stuff that Candy told her that I did NOT hear - that she stopped by her husbands law office.  She filled him in on what she could remember.  HE WANTS TO SEE ME.  Her words were, “He’s already on your side.”  Huh.  I am reluctant to call him because I know I only get ONE FREE visit and I have MUCH WORK to do.  But, the way I look at it, I did not go looking for came looking for me.

I just wanted to give you guys an update.  Thanks for hanging with me.  I appreciate all your GOOD ADVICE so much.  You guys are so smart!!!  Maybe it will rub off on me...

Bully COP - Act III

May 28, 2009 - 17 comments

One week ago today, my husband and I met with the Police Chief and we were told that the SRO’s supervisor *would be contacting me*.  I have heard nothing yet.  The Chief *said* it would take time to work through the TWO PAGES of notes he jotted down from the meeting - but still, I guess I thought I’d hear something by now.

Just today, I told a friend that I was getting restless about not hearing something, but that deep down I thought I’d KNOW when it was time to DO something.

I might have gotten that answer today.

Megan was sitting alone outside.  A guy had been walking around with the SRO all day today, and they walked up to her.  The SRO said to Megan, “Guess who this is...the guy who’s going to replace me because you’ve complained so much.”  Megan just sat there and looked at them and kind of nodded her head, but gave no facial reaction.  Then the SRO and the new guy turned and went back inside the school.

Later, during lunch Megan and her friends had further run-ins with him.  At lunch, she and her friends were outside and noticed that the SRO was introducing the new to other kids.  Megan and her friends went over and asked if they were going to get an introduction.  The SRO got VERY MAD and said, “WHY?”  Megan said, “We see you introducing him to other people so we wanted to meet him.”  

The SRO would only speak to one girl, Julie, as if Megan and her other friend weren’t there.  So, he said, “Hi, Julie, I would, but there are certain people here that like spread rumors about me.  Maybe we can do it another time.”  At this point, Megan said in the most diplomatic tone she could muster, “Okay, I’ll introduce myself.  Hi, I’m Megan.  It’s nice to meet you.”  Maybe the other girl did the same, I didn’t hear.  Then, the girls walked away.

All through lunch, though, the SRO would talk to a certain group of boys and point to Megan and her friends and point.  Sometimes, he would also laugh.  One time, the SRO  yelled over to Megan and said, “Hey, were you talking about me to him (and he pointed to a certain boy)?”  Megan shook her head no.  Then, the SRO said something that Megan couldn’t hear and everyone laughed.

Once the SRO wasn’t with this group of boys any more, Megan asked them what the SRO was saying to them.  They said he told them he was just using them to see what her reaction would be when he accused her of spreading rumors about him.  He also told them that he “totally got her” because he told her (lied) and told her that the guy with him was replacing him.  He is NOT (darn it, DARN IT!!!).  He told the ladies in the office that the guy is an intern, but he told some of the students that the guy is training to be a cop.  Hmmm.  Since when does a cop-in-training shadow an SRO?  Something STILL doesn’t add up with THAT one.

Megan’s friend, Julie, who the SRO likes, went up to him after school and asked him why he lied to Megan.  He wanted to know why Megan didn’t ask him herself, but Julie said that she didn’t want to talk to him.  So, Julie asked him again.  He said, “I’m really disappointed in you, Julie.  Why do you believe everything Megan tells you.  Why are you involved in the hate-scene.”  Mind you, Julie was with Megan for all of this today except the part where the SRO told Megan that the new guy was his replacement.  BUT, Julie heard the boys say the SRO was gloating about how he “really got her” with that one.  

SO, where did Julie believe lies of Megan’s?  Perhaps the SRO is upset because Julie isn’t believing HIS lies....