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volkswagon and infertility

Nov 17, 2008 - 1 comments










I know that this is not something that most people would think they would see together but I will explain.  I have been sick and in bed for the better part of 2 weeks.  And what do you do when you are sick and in bed?  Watch T.V. and sleep.  Now, because I am a total insomniac I did a lot more watching T.V. than I should have, but this is where I got the connection.  I am sure that by now everyone has seen the volkswagon commercials with Brooke Shields.  In the commercial, which I am sure she is paid nicely for her appearance and has no control over her script but, she claims that many women are getting pregnant just for "German engineering."  I find this very offensive.  Just from personal experience and talking to the many women I have met in both the infertility forum and the miscarraiges forum, it disgusts me that the automobile industry would trivialize the experience of child birth.  Many women suffer extreme emotional pain in the fact that they can not conceive a child and hope desperately for the little flicker of life that has been so shamefully been exploited by these commercials.  Not only do I feel inadequate from the pressure of wanting to conceive a child and the loss of 2 pregnancies these commercials are an added bonus slap in the face for profit.  Undoubtedly they have no research on the negative implications of their ad, and who says that they would ever need it.  But I must say that this current sales gimmick has diverted me from ever owning or wanting to own "a piece of German Engineering."  My heart goes out to other women like me who desperately want nothing more than a baby, and wish that TTC was as easily done as signing the lease paper's from the auto dealer, but until that day comes forth Volkswagon and their disgusting ad campaign can go to hell!

cough cough sneeze

Nov 05, 2008 - 0 comments

So I think I am getting sick with whatever the little one has.  I posted it a few days ago that she was under the weather, and it has come back to bite me.  Hopefully, it doesn't last too long.  But, as a plus if I do get sick, like I think I am, maybe DH will feel bad and keep me in bed all weekend, so I don't have to do any chores.  

Bummed Out

Nov 04, 2008 - 2 comments

So really not in a bad mood, just a little sad.  POAS this morning and a BFN, I was kind of expecting it, since I have seen one everytime I POAS for the last 8 monthes.  I am almost aftraid to see a BFP, because I have come so accustomed to the BFN's.  I go to the doc's at 7pm, maybe she will have some new approach this time, and things will get better.  13DPO and waiting for AF.

sick little one

Nov 03, 2008 - 0 comments

I have a sick little one at home.  My six-year-old stayed home sick today, she is with her dad while I get to work.  Hopefully, she is getting lots of rest and fluids.  Started Halloween night during trick or treat, and continued to get worse all weekend.  Saturday nights she stays at my mom's house but had to pick her up earlier than normal on Sunday to take her to the ER.  She has asthma and said that she felt to sick to wait until Monday morning to go to the doctor's.  The ER said she has bronchitis (sp?).  So she slept in our bed, and stayed home from school this morning, probably leaving all her little germies for me, but I love her anyway.  Oh! the joys of parenting, I wouldn't trade them for the moon and stars.