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This was Zac Efrons backstage meal. Very pretty and very GOOD>

Jun 23, 2016 - 0 comments

First I wanted to share a recipe that I got for Jasmine rice and Quinoa Pilaf.....I found it while looking at Zac Efron fan photos, it happened to show what he requested while onset for "Neighbors" let me tell you that Zac is very well fed!

Salad: Baby Spinach with Tomato & Hard boiled Egg all over the top of the salad. Use dressing of your choice.

Entrée: Pan seared Chicken Breast seasoned with roast garlic-layered on a bed of this pilaf (quinoa) and Jasmine layered on mixed veggies, like yellow squash, then layered across the top with vertical pieces of lime on top.

Pilaf-sautee onion and carrot until tender. add rice and quinoa, reduce heat simmer for 15-20 mins or until tender.adding brocilli florets the last three minutes. Add your Huge shrimp, and let stand 3 mins, eat and ENJOY!!

Documentary Heaven

Apr 17, 2016 - 0 comments

You can find it at  They have bio's crime, mystery,psychology, nature, and much more, There is enough there to watch for I don't know six months to a year depending on your interests. Enjoy.

March 31 Concerned for good friends

Mar 31, 2016 - 2 comments

It is another beautiful sunny day in Sac Town and my son Michael cut the grass so it smells like newly cut grass. All the fruit trees are in beautiful bloom and that seems so good too. Makes me glad I don't have allergies, although they say if you live in Sacramento long enough you will. I love cut flowers and tree blooms in the house.
I finally got my Xanax this morning so the anxiety is better, thank you God. My back (DDD) is progressively getting worse and when I finally saw an exray of my spine, I was shocked in how much it has changed over the years. By the looks of my spine, its a wonder I even walk! But it always hurt, especially in bed.
My best friend Kim has Cirrhosis stage four and one doctor has given her from six to eighteen months to live. This is all from a single MRI, no liver biopsy or anything else.Now she will see a specialist. I happen to know that everyone is different and I'm keeping a positive attitude about it and so is she. She is spending as much time with family, her sons and her Grandbaby.She has fatique and she sleeps a lot but no jaundice or astices. Her and I can both be bummed out but when we get together we laugh until our sides are splitting.At one time her and son Mike went together.
We are Bar-B-Quing ribs on the grill today, mmmmmm! With Sweet Baby Rays bold and spicy and it doesn't get any better than that. I made garlic toast for it and then cole slaw.
I must say that I am blessed to have the people in my life. There is just one person who is a tiny bit a challenge to me but I won't elaborate on negativity. (My son's girlfriend) I try very hard to get along with her and its like the old saying that two women in one house is not the best scenario. She is bi-polar, I don't know if that messes with her personality but she's real QUIRKY. However, my son loves her and she loves him so okay...
I have been married three times and never had any trouble with men, so it's hard to believe that I ended up alone.
After awhile it becomes less and less of a priority. The only man in my life now is Rusty, my dog, and might I add that he is a great partner in crime, I am blessed.

Rusty has oral surgery next Tuesday. $600.00+

Feb 10, 2016 - 2 comments

So I took Rusty to the vet yesterday. He has periodontal disease, even with all the brushing. He needs three teeth pulled on the top left. He also has a huge tumor like lump on his throat, right side. Could be benign or malignant, needs biopsy to find out, Or we can judt get it removed, For the next ten days he is on a course of heavy duty anti-biotics, then we proceed from there. I am just sick about it, he is only seven years old.I am going to see if our local aspca clinic can offer it cheaper.He is expert at hiding when he is sick or hurting but I knew this was coming. Thank God my son Michael loves Rusty too because he said 'Put it all on my credit card mom: Poor baby! I am blessed to have Michael to help Rusty.The vet says that with two couses of the antis the infaction and lump should disappear but it's just a temporary fix, just to prep for surgery.
Rusty acts like he is under the weather half the time, half he runs around like a puppy, only when the puppy is watching him though, lol' (never let em see ya sweat"
Anyway that's what's happening here, I will post updates. xxOO Darla <3