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Great weekend:)

May 03, 2009 - 0 comments

So Friday late afternoon went to go watch Wolverine with my Hubby and son,it was a good movie. towards the near end of the movie I started to feel a liltte anxiety coming on ,but was able to switch that away with watching the movie.
Saturday was a GREAT day we went to a church picnic was nice. So my hubby,son and I decided to go hiking on a trail they had there,let me tell you it was tough I stopped alot to do some breathing excercises not only from the climb LOL, but from letting my mind not wonder to that What If !!! So When I finally reached the top with my family I gave them a HUGE hug because they were so supportive and kept on saying I can do this and I did :) It was A lovely view and I just embraced it and was relaxed and so proud of myself that I conquered the anxiety that day.
Sunday another Great family filled day. We went to Church was a blessing as always to worship and praise our Lord Jesus!!!:)
After that we went to a museum and it was really wonderful looking and learning about different artifacts ( hope I spelled that right LOL!!!)
Enjoyed the history stories of the different cultures. They also had a youth madirachi going on there in the courtyard it was lovley.
Hope all you are having your good days to.
God Bless

Waking UP out of My Sleep!!!

May 01, 2009 - 0 comments

So last night I woke up with another anxiety attack. I usually call my husband at work,but this time he did not answer and I started to feeel a lil worse so i stayed focus and it took me 15 minutes to calm myself down and so I lyed down to go to bed again. It's so awful that this has been happing to me only in the evening's since the 11th of april. It wake's me up out of my sleep. During the day I can function ok just nausious most of the time but I don't let that get to me. I know it has to be from going from 40 ml to 10 ml of my medication. I'm just going to keep on trying on my cognitive therapy,relaxation's and breathing excersice's. I really want to conquer this with out going on a high dose of med 's again. My husband and I are tring to have another baby and I think If I'm on the meds there can be birth defects that's what I've been reading on online.
Anyways hoping tonight I can sleep the whole night without waking up.
Takecare to all my anxiety friends
God Bless:)

Recent activity!!

Apr 27, 2009 - 0 comments

Well I am doing alot better,just in the evening I have a hard time sleeping laltey and when I do fall asleep I wake up startled witha anxiety panic attack. I read and write in my journal that helps me a lil. I'm still taking the 10ml a day everynight before I go to bed and klonipin from time to time before I go to bed to.
I went driving today to go pick up my mother and It was a lil hard but I did it. :)
My husband is planing a trip to fly to Oregan in July and he wants me to go with him to visit his mother. I never flew and I am terrified I don't know how I will react to that. I just don't know:( I wanna go so bad!!
We drvien there once and the drive was forever when we got up tp Mount shasta I had a panic attack but i was able to calm myself down and we stayed in Oregan for a week and it was a nice visit. Just the flight is really hard for me just don't know what to expect.


Apr 18, 2009 - 0 comments

So I went to a therapist visit today and I have to say I was very disappointed with this lady!!!!
She has to be the worst therapist in california!!! So I talked to he for like 5 minutes and she just said you need to go back up to 40ml of celexa and take these other pills becasue I will get worse. I was like what the heck is she talking about she heard what I had to say for 5 minutes and didn't even let me finish and she wants me to go backwards on my meds. I was like I DON"T THINK SO!!!! So  I'm not going back to her again. I really need to find a therapist that will take the time to listen and help with getting off the meds not dosing you up with more meds. Anyone know of a therapist in orange county California Please let me know>
Thanks xoxoxo