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encountered recent bout of intestinal illness

May 03, 2016 - 2 comments

The recent bout of illness probably was acquired from my own stupidity.... of hanging around person with chronic cough.  So far it is intestinal with a dry nonproductive cough.  Unfortunately it seemed to pass to my pet feline too.  I euthanized her because her system was killing her.  She had a chest cavity full with pus.  I am still battling this virus (approx 7 days now).

I really miss my cat, but a life of tubes and system flushes with no for sure cure, did not sound like quality life for a pet that didn't like to be picked up.

I personally feel like a failure in the care of my pet but since I can't control illnesses that are going around how would I know how or what care to do as a non-medical person.  Oh, my grief is deep.

functional med doctor

Feb 21, 2016 - 0 comments

I recently went to get evaluation by functional med doctor's Nurse Practitioner. She diagnosed Hashimoto thyroiditis.  Blood test results show high sensitivity CRP, raised LDL, prediabetic, low vitamin D3, and low omega3 (low EPA and DHA), and low cortisol.  

Recommended taking dessicated thyroid, chromium polynicotinate, vitamin D3, and RYR (red yeast rice).

So far I feel better on desiccated thyroid, and chromium.  :). But time is needed to evaluate real results.

new health issues

Jan 21, 2016 - 1 comments







foot pain




plantar fascitis


memory problems



I've been on a statin for many months and now I'm diagnosed with heart arrhythmia. I've had foot pain that doc said is plantar facsitis and arthritis. (Was given diclofenac potassium 50mg in Dec 2015 for pain but it is not helping the pain).  I had forgotten I had been diagnosed plantar facsitis over 5 yes ago but current pain is different location.

Sometimes my feet feel swollen with the foot pain when exercising.  Recently my foot felt swollen enlarged (like a cartoon) but didn't look swollen.. Also had strange feeling that eventually extended up to the knee.  Test this week didn't reveal anything like a clot or anyerism.

Heart ultrasound this week showed heart regurgitation.

I'm also having increased memory / focus brain problems.

New issues may explain my increased fatigue and the random low level chest pains I've had over last many months. And increased numbness in legs/arms and swelling that I more frequently wakeup with.

Scheduled for chemical stress test next week. I am fearful that it will cause heart attack.

infectious disease doctor says I'm not contagious

Oct 31, 2015 - 0 comments









Infectious Disease






Memory loss


Alzheimer's disease

I had another disappointing experience with the 'mainstream' medical system. I don't know if the lack of viral testing and non-diagnosis has to do with insurance or doctors who don't want to treat the underlying problem.

I think my memory issues somehow tie back to the rosacea on my face.  Of which, the infectious disease doctor insists rosacea is not herpetic.  But yet I remembered a dermatologist of long ago telling me it is herpetic.  Some doctor is not telling me the truth. I suspect its the newer doctors and the 'mainstream' medical system does not want to reveal the Alzheimer's dementia connection to viruses. I also notice that my brain seems to be effected by each flu I encounter in life.

I can't participate in a dementia - anti-viral treatment study if I don't have a diagnosis.