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blood work

Jun 21, 2011 - 1 comments

I got my blood work today. not as bad as I remember. I brought Peyton with me because i had no one to watch her. she had a tantrum while I was getting my blood drawn so I wasn't sitting completely still. The nurse wasn't to pleased with that.
after she was finished I asked if the big bulge where she drew my blood from was normal and if it would go away and  then she squeezed it really hard and said if you want to get rid of it do this (if really hurt) or put ice on it.. lol note to self next time wait till I have someone to watch Peyton.

I've got no symptoms today really, the occasional cramps and back ache my boobs feel full but they don't hurt, well not really. I know this sounds silly but i actually look forward towards the morning sickness and nausea because then I know the babies growing and i'll feel more connected with the little one.
Last time i was between 6-7 weeks before i started getting sick lol ::)

Baby #2

ultra sound

Jun 20, 2011 - 0 comments

I was going to wait until next week when I had my appointment with my DR. to talk about the cramps I have been experiencing.
I'm the type that if I don't get reassurance or at least talk to a DR.  to know whats going on I'll be a reck thinking about every possible thing.
My DR sent me for an ultra sound but the DR at the ultra sound said that it was to early to see the baby but she's pretty sure its not etopic pregnancy but she can't say for certain and that the only way to know is to get blood work done. So I'll be getting my blood work done tomorrow.
I'll here the results when I go for my official DRs appointment on Tuesday of next week.
Its so exciting to be pregnant again but I completely forgot about all the worrying you do during this time.

Baby #2


Jun 19, 2011 - 1 comments

So I know cramping is normal the first trimester you are pregnant but I can't remember having most of my cramping to the left. When i pass gas it seems to ease it a bit but I'm fearful that its mainly on my left side.
I'm going to be seeing my Dr. next tuesday hopefully she'll be able to help ease my thoughts and also hopefully order a ultrasound to check everything out.

Baby #2


Jun 17, 2011 - 0 comments

I was at work today and i knew that my period should have come between thursday and saturday and figured you know what I'm going to test.
It was in the middle of my lunch break and my BFP!!! showed up right away!!!
So excited to be pregnant with another little darling.!!!

Baby #2