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May 10, 2010 - 1 comments

I realized that I'd been counting the number of unmarked symptom squares, comparing one day's symptoms to those of another strictly by the number of boxes checked.  There ought to be some mechanism to rate the severity of the symptoms noted.

Currently, I feel that I'm doing pretty well, probably better than I've felt in a year or so.  Only a few weeks ago, I was convinced I was in a relapse, but now it feels as though I am in a remission.  I still have nearly all the same symptoms, but they are much less intense and much less constant than they have been in times past.

We'll just take it and give thanks to God, and let Him care for tomorrow.

Tiring again

Nov 05, 2009 - 7 comments




This is getting really old.

Neuro's nurse has been playing messenger girl, as I ask questions, she has to wait until she can talk to him, and then she calls me back with some answer that raises more questions than it answers.

LP had high albumin content, but nothing else outside normal ranges.  What does that mean?  "Nothing," was the reply I received.

Still seeing double, still having some eye pain now and then, still have the hazy patch in the upper right portion of my field of view, and still can't tell up from sideways with my eyes closed.  My world keeps rockin', in other words.  So do I, in fact, and my hands and my head shake.  Sometimes a finger will shake like a hummingbird's wing.

He wants me to go back to the neuro-ophthalmologist, and to follow up with him in May (Yes, MAY!) including an updated MRI (last one was January '09, the one before that was August of '97, with no suspicion of MS at that time, so God only knows what protocol they followed.  It was on actual film.).

Gave the nurse a piece of my mind.  Bad choice of words.  She's a very nice young lady (named Sarah, my mother's name, and today would've been Mom's 85th birthday).  Told her I was not one to sit back and do nothing while I waited to see how bad it would get.  Told her I wanted to know if he is putting any stock in the "atypical migraine" theory, if he thinks I'm nuts (reminded her that the neuro-psych doc said otherwise), and is it possible that there is some test, any test, that we could try to see if we get anywhere, or any medication I could research to see if it is safe before I try it to see if it just makes me worse like nearly all the others have?

Mostly, just tired of it all.  Very tired.

Tiring eyes

Oct 03, 2009 - 1 comments










I'm beginning to recognize that the eye trouble is, in some aspects, worse when I spend a lot of time reading, typing, etc..  The pain and the hazy patch seem to increase under such circumstances.  Earlier tonight, though, I noticed difficulty with distance vision, trying to read the price of gas on a sign at a station.  When I saw the red LED numbers doubled, it bothered me.  I'm used to noticing double vision up close.  I struggled to get the images to align, but I couldn't.  It seemed easier, or at least didn't stand out so sharply, when viewing the landscape ahead on the highway coming home, but I am certain that my visual acuity wasn't as sharp as I am accustomed to experiencing.


Sep 10, 2009 - 0 comments

Eye pain



Spreading out the gabapentin seems to be helping to keep the eye pain under control.