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Sunday after physio

Feb 09, 2014 - 0 comments

The problems with this fizzing numbness is causing me concern and I have made contact with Rudi to get his take on this.
the pain in my hands has been high over night and also my feet.
no improvement at all

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Just another day again

Feb 08, 2014 - 0 comments



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the fizzing numbness feeling is still here at the back of my neck from ear to ear and between my legs from my scrotum to the bottom of my sine.
another long night last night very little sleep maybe 3 hours all told.
Got my Glasses today which is a great help with my vision that has become worse and worse since this injury.
The Tinnitus is bad at the moment

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Just another day

Feb 07, 2014 - 0 comments


No sleep before 4am and awake again at 7am Numbness from the top of my head down the left hand side around my ear spreading across the back of my neck is a numb fizzing feeling that reaches my right ear.
the numbness is effecting my left arm with a patch on the outside of my upper arm then on outside of my lower arm and wrist into my hand.
I then have a patch of numbness on the outer front of my thigh and outer front of my calf.
Pain is all over my head severe at times down my neck particularly at the center and shooting down the left side into my upper back.
Pain in both hands possibly more so in my right and into both wrists. both shoulders are in some pain with the right worse today.
the center of my back is painful today and feel that this is probably due to the spasms i was having over night.
My ankles and feet are also very sore and I am struggling with the stretching exercises in this area.
Also for past two days I have experienced the strange numb fizzing feeling around my croth around to the bottom of my spine

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No sleep and numbness

Feb 06, 2014 - 0 comments

another sleepless night with only possibly 20 minutes at a time between having to move due to  pain all over. The added extra for this evening has been a lot of numbness from the top of my head down the left side around my ear down my neck which then continues down the left arm and body and into my left leg. in the arm body and leg it is in patches and at the neck the numbness carries around the back of the neck to the right ear only in this area it feels like it is fizzing.

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