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20 Week Scan

Dec 02, 2009 - 9 comments

I had my 20 week scan yesterday, I had been really looking forward to it but found out at the last minute that my partner wasn't going to be able to make it in time which upset me a little bit.

I took my sister with me instead and it was nice to share the baby with her.

All looked absolutely wonderful, baby was very active, kicking and moving about, mostly playing with his feet. I wasn't going to find out the sex as I wanted to wait until my partner was with me but as the technician was scanning the baby it was very obvious and she confirmed at the end that I am having another boy... thats 3 I have in total now!!!!!

The baby is measuring a week ahead of dates but thankfully that won't change my due date. I have promised myself that now that I have seen my beautiful healthy little miracle looking perfect and can feel him moving around that I am going to finally start enjoying my pregnancy, allow myself to bond with my little boy and make plans for his arrival as up until now I have been terrified as I keep thinking my dream is going to end !! I went to the shops on the way home and bought a few babyblue bits of clothing and a beautiful soft blue blanket and I am going to start buying all the essentials he will need, moses basket, crib, bedding, clothes etc!!

I am SO thankful for this blessing and can't wait until he is safely in my arms! Only 17 weeks left to that wonderful day :)

GTT Test

Oct 26, 2009 - 3 comments

I had my GTT test this morning... YUCK! I am so pleased with myself that I actually managed to keep the revolting stuff down, I have the worst headache in the world and my mouth feels like I have eaten my weight in jelly beans which actually is quite apt seeing as I look like I have!

I am getting really fat now... not that surprised I always pile on tons of extra weight when I am pregnant and look like a fat elephant as its not just baby, my bb's get big, I lay down back fat and even my neck and arms get bigger. I am trying not to let it worry me too much as I do always lose it afterwards but it doesnt make me feel very nice!

Ewwww - I have attached a picture - 15 weeks today :)