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Dec 02, 2009 - 0 comments

Got a prescription for Advair today. Diskus style. Dr said we'd stick with the diskus because that is what I'm used to using. Advair got me over the last chest cold that I couldn't kick in terms of the coughing / wheezing / breathing symptoms... so now I am hopeful that things might turn around in terms of this chest cold that has been ruining my life these days.

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shopping - warmer clothing

Nov 15, 2009 - 2 comments

I went to the Gap yesterday and I bought 4 long sleeved cotton t-shirts! Now I will be warmer and hopefully that means less chance that I will catch cold and less chance of triggering breathing problems.

I was amazed, though, that I could literally find only one style of shirt in the entire store that didn't have angora wool in it or regular wool in it. I'm so allergic to those things, not to mention that those textures trigger extreme allodynia.

Once, when I was shopping with a friend, she joked that I had some sort of super wool finding power because I could tell if something had wool in it just by lightly touching it (because, the contact area of skin will immediately react painfully... prolonged exposure, over a day or something, will result in a rash). No matter what item of clothing she found, no matter how small a percent of wool it had in it, no matter what type of wool (cashmere, etc.), my hand would immediately jump away as if burned had the items contained any amount of wool, and if the item was wool-free my hand would stay on the item and I would exclaim "this is okay." She was amazed. But that's extreme allodynia for you... it is like a super power... a somewhat useless super power... but a super power no less! Also, it is a super power that makes it very difficult and painful to shop during the winter.

Still, I found my four long sleeved tops and I am very happy! No more cold arms for me!

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peak flow readings

Nov 02, 2009 - 0 comments

expected normal values for my age and height are somewhere between 447 and 492.

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Singulair Refill Reminder and Flu Shot

Oct 27, 2009 - 1 comments

I'm almost out of my Singulair. I have a doctor's appointment on Friday and I basically run out on Saturday so as long as I remember to get the prescription on Friday and fill it right away, I'll be fine. I'm making a note here though so I really don't forget!!!

I got my flu shot today!! Both the regular flu shot and the H1N1 flu shot. So, hopefully I will not get the flu... I really really really do not want to get the flu. I'm glad that I got both shots, less likely to get either kind of flu... makes me feel safer. I've started to use the hand sanitizers they put up everywhere at school though... just in case.

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