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B12 Shots

Dec 02, 2009 - 0 comments

Started B12 Shots today. I've always taken daily B12 sublingually... but the fatigue has just been so overwhelming lately due to this chest cold on top of everything that I knew I needed some extra help. I'm hopeful that the B12 shots will improve things. :) Probably going back next week to get next shot... going to try to go weekly I guess. Still going to take B12 sublingually on days I don't get the shots. Looking forward to feeling like a real human being again energy wise. :)

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More Shopping + Scared about School

Nov 16, 2009 - 0 comments

Yesterday I bought tops, I wrote about it in my Asthma/Allergy tracker.

I couldn't do anything after shopping yesterday... I basically had to come straight home after I'd finished doing that even though I'd planned on going to the bakery too. It took up all of my energy for the day just buying those tops. I started to get a terrible migraine while I was at the mall, and I really hit me when I finally got home. I took my migraine meds and they worked, but I had a lot of left over pain and anxiety. I took a naproxen (NSAID) and a lorazepam (anxiety med) and had a nap. I took the lorazepam because the migraine pain was making me pace and I had a really bad chill so I was shaking uncontrollably too... so, I knew I had to calm down or the left over pain probably wouldn`t come down anymore than it already had... and I think that is what my migraine doctor prescribed the lorazepam for, partly to help stop behaviour like the pacing during the severe pain.

I woke up for dinner, ate dinner really quickly, and went back to bed. I don't know exactly what time I was asleep after dinner by, but it was well before 9pm. I woke up this morning after 11am. I was supposed to go to my biofeedback session today but my doctor told me I could cancel if I still had this chest pain/breathing difficult thing and I still did this morning. I felt pretty awful and exhausted. One might think that after sleeping for so long I might feel a bit better... but no, whatever this virus is that is making my chest hurt this much is really taking EVERYTHING out of me.

I am feeling completely overwhelmed. I can do about one thing per day after a long time of slowly preparing for it and that is about it... and then there is quite a bit of recovery time after ward. Even though I canceled my doctors appointment... a few hours later I was starting to breathe a bit better and mom offered to drive me to the shoe store to buy a pair of water-proof boots since all I have are those fabric-sneeker-flats that everyone wears during the summer.... but it is raining every day now and it will continue to rain until it starts to snow so I need something water-proof or I really can`t go outside. So, mom drove and we went to the shoe store and it was fun and I bought two pairs of shoes, one pair of water proof boots and one pair of light weight fur moccasins. Standing up to walk around with the shoes on (to make sure they fit) was really hard and it made me really light headed and by the time I`d found the right pairs that fit I was so light-headed, really exhausted and my hands had pins and needles from touching so many things. But, I still went to the bakery because it was right next door and I bought lots of stuff so now we have LOTS of food in the house and I don`t have to go out again!!! :)

I have to go to school tomorrow. I don`t know if I can go. I`ve missed so much because of this stupid acute chest virus. I feel terrible and I am afraid. I am really behind. I feel like a failure again. :(  The way I see it is that lots of people who take full course loads get colds and don`t miss any school... I`m only taking ONE course and I get sick and I miss tons of school and I start failing. Mom says it`s different because I have a chronic underlying illness. I don`t know though, I still feel like a failure and I just want to cry all the time now.

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Fatigue Scale

Oct 26, 2009 - 1 comments

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Fatigue Scale

I have been struggling to find a non-arbitrary way to record my fatigue level... some sort of scale that I can use to measure fatigue levels. Today I found a "Quality of Life Scale" from the American Chronic Pain Association. It rates "0" as meaning no fatigue and "10" as meaning most fatigue, so I am going to have to reverse the numbers. So here is a scale to use on MedHelp for Fatigue Level that is BASED on the American Chronic Pain Associations Quality of Life Scale:

0: No fatigue. Go to work/school. Part-take in social and family activities.
1: Go to work/school/volunteer or be active for 8 hours of the day. Take part in family life. Social activities may be limited, but still able to take part in them.
2: Go to work/school/volunteer or be active for 6 hours of the day. Take part in family life. Social activities may be limited, but still able to plan social activities and are able to take part in social activities if it is the weekend or a day off.
3: Go to work/school/volunteer for a few hours of the day. Be active for at least 5 hours of the day. Can make plans to do simple social activities on the weekends and/or days off.
4: Work/school/volunteer/social activities are all limited. Still take part in limited social activities on weekends and/or days off.
5: Struggle, but still are able to complete simple daily tasks.  Not able to work or volunteer.
6: Struggle, but still are able to complete simple daily tasks. Not able to work or volunteer. All outside activities very limited.
7: Still get dressed in the morning. Still phone, email. Minimal activity around the home. No activity outside the home.
8: Get out of bed but do not get dressed. No activity outside of the home.
9: Stay in bed at least half of the day. No contact with outside world.
10: Stay in bed all day.

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Pain Scale

Oct 20, 2009 - 0 comments

Red931 posted the "Pain Scale" in the Pain Management Community. I am going to start referring to it now instead of just picking arbitrary numbers. Also, I am going to really try to focus on using an average level of pain for the day instead of the most intense point of pain for the day for THIS tracker since I am using THIS tracker to track my over-all ability to function. I hope that doing it in this way will better reflect a cumulative picture of my life, instead of just snap shots of particularly difficult times. I will still refer to specific moments of "Mild" "Moderate" and "Severe" pain in my other trackers though.

As you can see, today was a very good day with only moderate pain and quite a lot of productive activity, YAY!

This is the Pain Scale that they posted:

0  –  Pain free.
Mild Pain  – Nagging, annoying, but doesn't really interfere with daily living activities.
1  –  Pain is very mild, barely noticeable.  Most of the time you don't think about it.
2  –  Minor pain.  Annoying and may have occasional stronger twinges.  
3  –  Pain is noticeable and distracting, however, you can get used to it and adapt.
Moderate Pain – Interferes significantly with daily living activities.
4  –  Moderate pain.  If you are deeply involved in an activity, it can be ignored for a period of time, but is still distracting.  
5  –  Moderately strong pain.  It can't be ignored for more than a few minutes, but with effort you still can manage to work or participate in some social activities.
6  –  Moderately strong pain that interferes with normal daily activities.  Difficulty concentrating.
Severe Pain – Disabling; unable to perform daily living activities.
7  –  Severe pain that dominates your senses and significantly limits your ability to perform normal daily activities or maintain social relationships.  Interferes with sleep.
8  –  Intense pain.  Physical activity is severely limited.  Conversing requires great effort.  
9  –  Excruciating pain.  Unable to converse.  Crying out and/or moaning uncontrollably.
10 –  Unspeakable pain.  Bedridden and possibly delirious.  Very few people will ever experience this level of pain.

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