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41/2 years and doing ok.

Jul 23, 2013 - 0 comments



Thyroid Cancer





I had my yearly check for thyroid cancer. Am at 4.5 years since TT.
Free TR = .96 ng/dl
TSH = 3.61 mInt Units/ml
Whole body scan on 7/17 is normal
did not show any evidence of reccurrence
Thyroglobulin leves are <1 ng/ml with negative
antibody (Good News)
need to up my prescription from 200 / 6 days and 100 / 7th day to 200 mcg Daily.  (I gained a little weight)


Jul 25, 2012 - 0 comments

Ok.  So here we are again.  I took a thyroglobulin test on 06-08-12 . Lab messed it up.
Redid thyroglobulin test on July 20th.  Now told antibodies present so test not viable?
Now like asap, I have to go have an ultrasound of my thyroid bed.  Holy crap not again.
then another full body scan? Dammit.  I do not want to deal with this again.  
Do I have cancer again?  Do I have thyroid swimming around my system after 3.5 years of nothing.
WTF.  and now a third thryoglobulin test at the end of the year?  
Why would my antibodies be high now?

Granny Hope is still out here and doing well.

May 18, 2012 - 0 comments







doing well



So I am 3.25 years out from my total thyroidectomy.   I have been keeping all of my levels right where the dr wants them, which actually means I am tired a spacey a lot, but no cancer has returned to this point.  It's time for my  yearly test.  This year with a difference.  I do not have to have a full body scan.  I will go to the big city for two shots and then just have a blood test.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  I need to be coming to med help more often. I am hopeless about tracking things and there are some good tools here.
A year and a half ago, I was deemed to have type 2 diabetes, but lost weight and have kept off 40 of the 50 lbs I lost.  After they changed my medicine dosage, weight loss came to a screaming halt and I really have to get back on that bandwagon.
Last October, I became a grandmother.  My first grands and yes, we got twins.  A boy and a girl.  the pregnancy was a difficult one for my daughter. Preclampsia, the babies came a little early but not too bad.  Jen is doing well now.  So happy for her.  so busy.  It takes all of us to take care of these little joyful bundles. But they are well on their way and so awesome.
work is just crazy. I work an hour from home and I work lots of OT.  so not a lot of time for fun.  But mostly life is good and seemingly normal after thyroidectomy.  I still hate not having a thyroid, but I'm living with it and doing well. : )

The end of 09

Dec 31, 2009 - 2 comments

The year started with me being wacked out and afraid of all drs.
Then the Hashis diagnosis, then the cancer diagnosis.  Do you think I felt any better about drs? : )
In March my throid was taken out.  Good riddance to the wacko.  ( I think she still hides out somewhere, just waiting to make a fantastically scary return)
I didn't feel good again until sometime late in the summer.  But I planted lots and lots of flowers and created some new beds in the trees...Anyone can grow a hosta right?  
In November my father in law was diagnosed with cancer...It is not operable.  But he has begun chemo and has declared that he's not going to let it get him....
My parents are trying to live on Social Security and they won't take any help. Mom has had colon cancer (she won that battle and she has had a stroke..but we got most of her back from that.) She's a very strong lady and I want to be just like her.  Dad has COPD.  And he still goes out to get a load of wood for the stove.  I have strong and stubborn parents.  I love them both.
My brother has leukemia.  Dr's say it could take many years to get him, or it may never....But it's hard for him to believe anything except that he is dying...I'd love to find a way to make him live again....I introduced him to med help.
Off with the bad stuff....I need to write all of this stuff down and burn it right?  for the new year?
On the good side.  I'm still here and I feel way better than I did.
I have a job that I love and I value the group of ladies that I work with. I have good friends there.  
My daughter is getting married and we are deep in plans and shopping...She is beautiful in her dress.
Actually my daughter is just beautiful...She takes every situation and puts a smile on it...she's tough and stubborn and I am so proud of her.  But I'm ready to get the wedding over with...I'm wanting grandbabies....Lots of them....
and where would i be without my husband....When I heard the word cancer, he was there...He was there for all the dr's visits. He watched when they did the FNA....He made me laugh when we were sitting in waiting rooms and dr's rooms ...waiting...I did a lot of waiting this year...He hung with me thru surgery and radioactive iodine....He held my hand and hugged me as needed.  He's the awesomest man...We've been together for 29 years and I am still crazy about that man...Wow 29 years...I am getting old.  : )  I practically feel the gray hairs popping....
And I found a new family and friend here at med help....You folks are all simply the best people....thanks for everything.

So off with 2009.  I hope that 2010 is a good year for all my friends and family.  I wish only the best things for everyone.  
Happy New Years everyone.
(and God bless us all)