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Anxiety I guess

Apr 14, 2010 - 2 comments

Well I went trough so many different tests and they cant find out why I am in this pain.
now what ? is this anxiety ? can it be ? these sharp burning pains in my upper chest
and up both sides of my neck and then the dizzyiness. how can this be all in my head
and how can I get it to stop? I am really scared I am about to loose my job because I have missed
so much work and my husband is really sick of this. I have tried everything for my anxiety in the past
you name it I have tried it. nothing works I am at a losssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Still Feeling like Sh..

Apr 02, 2010 - 0 comments

Well here I am its april now and still in pain and not feeling any better at all I have had a ton of tests done and they
all come back ok just alittle acid coming up from my stomach but nothing to bad. and now the doctor said said hey the pain in your neck is dental related her take this antibotic and it will take care of the infection and go to a denist as soon as possible so I went to the dentist yesterday and asked him if what the doctor said could be true could the pain in my neck be dental related and he said no I dont beleive it could be and he couldnt under stand why they put me on medz. so I had 3 fillings and I need 3 more and a root canal to get my teeth in good shape and before I left he said my pain could be TMJ which has something to do with my jaw so I went home and googled it and I guess I have a few symtoms of it. but I am so sick of going to doctors and now a dentist and they say oh it could be that oh it could be that oh its that and then it all ends up not being anything of what they say and I am sick of taking somany medz and none of them have worked. My husband is going crazy because I have been sick for so long now he is to the point where he does what ever he can to not be home with me and when he is he never even talks to me anymore. so here I am in pain everyday of my life dizzy and sick to my stomach and trying to take care of my 3 kids and the house all by my self and I pray to God every night for tomorrow to be better and it never is. will I ever be pain free again and if not how do I learn to live with it??????

Will I ever be well again

Mar 23, 2010 - 3 comments

well I did my scoop down the throat test and  I was so out of it after the test that I dont even remember the doctor talking to me.
My husband said the doc said it didn't look to bad down there but he did take a few biopsys and I wont know  for a few days on that. I do have to go back tomorrow for another test a Esophageal Motility and Manometry not sure what its all about.
but I still feel awfull. will I ever get any answers?????????????????????
I can't stand the pains the pains that go up the sides of my neck hurt so bad .
are these doctors even doing the right tests????


Mar 06, 2010 - 2 comments

i am going crazy with this pain in my chest
I am only 2 days into taking the previcid I havent seen any change at all
I feel so sleepy and weak at all times its hard for me to get up and doing anything
I have changed the way I eat just trying to help if this is acid reflux which I really dont
think it is. I think they are wrong I am really scared that is something wrong with my heart
I have had 3 EKGs now and stress test , ultra sound, the heart thing I had on for a day and a half
tons of blood work and still nothing they havent found anything wrong with it. How do I stop thinking
that it is my heart how many trests do I need to show me that its not my heart?????
I am driving my husband crazy He has been really great through this whole thing but he is really sick of
me saying that it is my heart. I just want mt life back I just wanna get un in the morning and be pain free
and just feel good. to be able to eat with out any sick to my stomach feelings or any sharper pains.
I will pray again tonight that I will wake up pain free.
so so so so sad