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Just wanted to say thanks.7/8/09

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I am trying once again to keep a list of my gratefuls, as I call them.

1. I'm grateful for my loving husband, who doesn't always know how to help me, but always tries none the less.
2. I'm grateful to still have my Dad around. He gets smarter every time I have another birthday.
3. I'm grateful for my friends, new and old.
4. I'm grateful to live in such a beautiful state among the exotic birds and plants.
5. I'm grateful for this website and all you people make this a warm and supportive port in the storm.
6. I'm grateful for the extended family who love and pray for me.
7. I'm grateful to have health insurance, when there are so many who don't.
8. I'm grateful to have a steady roof over me and my family, even when it's hard tp make ends meet.
9. I'm grateful to live free in America.
10. I'm grateful my disease isn't as bad as it could be.


Day after biopsy

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So, I'm sitting here debating whether or not I should call the radiology assoc. who performed my bx. They're going to tell me pain this far out from procedure is abnormal, and will want me to come back in. I just sent hubby to walgreens to pick up a thermometer. I think I'd rather lie on an ice pack and keep track of my temp. The Dr who did the bx said aside from bleeding, infection is the biggest risk. OK, pain is coming a little more frequently. I hate to do it, but I think I better call and just let them know what's going on. brb.  

Well, I'm back. Waiting for bx Dr to call back. he was in doing a procedure when i called. Since i placed the call, I've been picking up toys, unloding/reloading the dishwasher, started a load of laundry. I'm thinkin if I can do all that with only the occasional twinge here and there, I'm doing pretty well. Hubby just came back with thermometer, so I'm gonna check my temp to keep an eye out for infection. 98.1 perfect. Still kina hurts to take a good, deep breath tho.

Aight, gonna cruise for now. maybe check back later. 2:30 pm

July 7, 09

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6:40 PM:

Biopsy this morning. Some of the worst pain I've had in quite a while. Actual pain during the procedure was immense! I yelled out when he put the marker needles in and sent me back into CT, then actually cried when Bx was taken. Amdominal pain was bad, but referred nerve pain in right arm, shoulder and neck was HUGE! Only went away in the past hour or so. Been lying on my right side on an ice pack since I got home at noon. GI sent me to this  Radiology Associates because they were supposed to keep me 4 hours after, but shooed me out after 2 hours, even while still having pain to breathe, and pain in abdomen.

If I ever have that done again, I'm going to a hospital instead of outpatient, where they might be able to control pain and actually follow my Dr's orders (4 hr recovery). That entire experience was just terrible.

Only upsides to this day were my kind neighbor who watched our lil guy for us, and my hubby who has been amazing with helping me afterward. Oh, and handily enough, I still have the Vicodin prescribed Sunday for abdom. pain. They've helped quite a bit. I even took one before this morning's Bx to help the pain beforehand, but no dice.

Still having sharp, uncomfortable twinges at Bx site, especially with a deep breath, but all shoulder and neck pain is gone now. Whew.

The Dr and nurse speculate bx hurt me so badly because of the abdom. pain I had Sun. that led me to ER. Say liver might still have been a little tender since then. I dunno.

Such is life.


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Biopsy today, hurt like hell.

Nearly 12 hrs later, still hurts