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OMG the scale moved

Jun 19, 2009 - 0 comments

I so did not diet last Friday night and Saturday but worked really hard the rest of the week and the scale moved.  Then I cheated again today... I need to stop this. I can see splurging once a week when I am maintaining but I have almost 100lbs to go.  

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Exercise, good food

Jun 16, 2009 - 0 comments





good food

Ok, I am finally stocked with some goods at my house and even made the recipe for the super slim soup that was in my book from the clinic.  It said it was filling.  Well I thought I would eat a bowl before lunch and now I do feel full so this maybe a good thing.  I wish I had not cooked it quite so long but it is still good and seems to be filling.  I have also got serious about counting my calories and that is helping a lot.  This week may not be too good b/c this weekend I sort of blew it.  I did not take my diet pills and I ate outback and pizza.  This AM I weighed and there is no gain so I was estatic...how sad?!  

Last night I tried to do the walking video again but I physically hurt and could not get it done.  I have back and hip problems from a wreck a few years ago and they are acting up.  I am going to try again today but I may take some pain pills first.

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Just glad the scaled moved

Jun 12, 2009 - 0 comments

This has not been a good week...end of school activites have made things crazy.  I am just thrilled the scaled moved.  I actually weighed and then weighed again later in the morning and it was up a pound so I went with the higher one. It may help me out on next weeks...LOL!!  I only exercised once this week but I have been working outside in the hot.  This week I am going to aim for 3 times!!

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First week!!

Jun 04, 2009 - 2 comments

Ok I weighed this AM as it is my first week and I am down 8.5 lbs. WHOA!! I just did my first exercise too but I did it before I ate breakfast.  I hope that was not a bad thing.  I got up and did the 20 minute workout and then ate some leftover baked chicken from last night with my water. I am not doing so good with breakfast.  I just can not motivate myself to fix breakfast in the am.  I have had steak, pork and chicken so far this week along with a tomato.  When I go grocery shopping I am going to try to find a protein shake to drink but I hope I can find a good one. For exercise I did the start walking video with Leslie Sanome (sp?) It is only 20 minutes but you do a mile.  You also do lunges and different things during it.  There were a few times I just walke in place but I hope to be able to do the whole thing soon.

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