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Sep 14, 2010 - 3 comments

Sooo....... My first pregnancy i was thrown from one doctor to another, I didnt have a "set" doctor..... I dont know why that was..... I didnt like how everything turned out, i hadnt really gotten comfortable with one person, and id go see someone new.Oh and my Ob/gyn doctor that saw me during my first pregnancy "popped" in to see how i was "pushing" how absolutly pathetic. I found that SO RUDE..... And i cant stand to see someone who does things like that.... Im not a "number" im NOT a "patient" whos being treated for an illness of some sort. I want to be treated with the respect and dignity i was treated with in the delivery room.....

After delivery i realized that the women (midwife) who delivered my baby was someone id never even met....... Now, as akward as this sounds, I remember this midwife so well, i remember her being so gentle and caring towards my daughter at birth and being so patient with me...... I actually now know her name, and with this baby Ive decided i want to see her, and i hope to have her present for my second childs birth as well..... My heart is set on it.... Its so strange how sometimes you "just" know"......... What are your experiances with "choosing the perfect midwife/ob/gyn".......


Life Changing Moment

Jan 08, 2010 - 2 comments








Watch this link and tell me what you think!!! i was bawling and praying about all those children!!!!!