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Oct 10, 2012 - 0 comments

resting blood pressure and pulse, sitting for half an hour///////110 76 68 after making breakfast and changing diapers

Found my birth mom

Mar 12, 2012 - 0 comments

I finally tracked down my birth mom and was able to get answers to my questions, I found out why my brothers and I where given up and i'm satisfied with the reasons, and I got back ground medical history for my birth family.
I found out that whenever she was pregnant she would have sezurs......I can't seem to find answers as to why a woman would have that and only while pregnant. when she was pregnant with me she was to scared to get prenatal care (she was 14 when she gave birth to my brother and I was born 18 months later) she guessed my due date, she was having a lot of braxton hicks contractions and she thought I was overdue.
She went to the hospital to find out if I was late, they monitored me and said that everytime she had a BH my heart would stop? I can't find info on that either, they induced her and I was born around dinner time that day and I was fine. No problems.
I had paricarditis last year and my heart hasn't been the same since,
I found out that my dad died of kidney failure possibly due to colon cancer, one of my grandfathers died of cancer (I don't know what kind)my other grandfather died of a combination of heart disease and heat stroke, my grandmother died from an anurism in her brain, my mother had HPV and ended up with cervical cancer, I had HPV in 07 and have had a pap every year since then and they all came back clear, i'm having another one run right now i'll have the results sometime this week I think. I'm glad that I know what to look for as I get older but I think it's more terrifying now that I know what I'm at risk for.

First day back to work

Mar 03, 2012 - 0 comments

Today is my first day back to work since Evie was born, I'm trying to pump every drop of milk out of me before I leave, I pumped all week inbetween feedings, but I don't have anywhere near enough milk to last evie all day......... hopefully it'll be one of those days where she sleeps alot and isn't all that hungry.......HA who am I kidding, we decided that if we have to we will give her a bottle of formula, I really don't want to but I'm not going to let her starve either. Anyway my husband works weekdays and I work weekends that way we don't have to pay for daycare or a nanny, today is the first time my husband will be taking care of both kids without me here. The longest he's ever watched them is when he let me sleep in last week and that was for about 2 hours, so I really hope they're good for him. It is going to be a long day for the both of us

My Labor and Delivery

Feb 10, 2012 - 1 comments

On January 15th my sister Carolyn lost her battle with cancer, her memorial service was scheduled for the 28th (my due date) I had started having contractions on the 14th so I knew there was a really good chance that I wouldn't make it till the 28th so on Friday to 20th I asked my midwife about inducing on Monday or Tuesday, She told me that if I was dilating then she would consider it, she check my cervix and I was 4cm so she stripped my membranes and told me I could have my water broken on Tuesday.
I went to work that weekend, barely made it to Sunday night, I was having really good contractions every 4 minutes, when I got home from work my contractions slowed down, while I was at work my husband (Jason) went to pick up a friend that was planning on staying with us for the week to help out with my 2 year old son. On Monday the 23rd my contractions started and stopped all day.
On Tuesday Jason planned on leaving work at 1pm my appt was at 2:30 at noon I called and told him to come home early my contractions where 4 minutes apart and not letting up.
Jason got home at 1pm and we left my friend and son at home so we could run a few errands before my appt (I needed to keep walking to keep the contractions going) We got to my appt and my contractions stopped, my midwife told me that my water was scheduled to be broken at 7pm that night.
I told her I had been having contractions, she decided to check my dilation she told me if I was 6cm I wouldn't be allowed to leave the birth center. Good thing my bag and the car seat where in the car.
Lucky for me I was only about 5cm, I was told I could leave but I had to stay within 20 minutes of the birth center, our apt was about 35 minutes away so we couldn't go home.
My dad told me to go eat Chinese food, apparently my  mom always went into labor after eating it, so I stopped by my work and asked my boss where the best Chinese restaurant was, she told me where to go.
We had an amazing meal, and my contractions started up at 8 minutes apart, we went to about 4 or 5 different stores and then headed back to the birth center, at one point I thought my water had broken while I was in the restroom, turns out no, my water was very much intact, we got back to the birth center at a quarter to 7pm my contractions where about 3 minutes apart and I could no longer walk or talk through them.
(I don't know when most women count the start of their labor from, but I'm counting from 6pm because that is when they got painful to the point where I had to stop walking every time a contraction hit) my midwife and her student got the birthing room ready and then they ate their dinner while I sat with my husband and we tried to enjoy the last few minutes of my pregnancy.
At 8pm the student broke my water, I labored in the tub for about 40 minutes or so until I couldn't take the pain anymore, at one point I looked at Jason and told him to promise more kids.
He said he agreed 2 was perfect. I moved to the bed and the midwife checked my dilation she said I was only 8cm I yelled her, I wanted so badly to push, I had the most unbearable pressure I knew that my baby was so ready to come out, if only my body would let her out.  
By about 9:15 or so, the urge to push was so strong that the midwife told me I could push if I felt the urge, so I pushed and oh did I push, with every contraction I would push 2 to 4 times.(I remember during my son's birth that every time I stopped pushing his head would go back in, so this time I was determined that I would not be pushing for an hour like last time)
I asked if she was coming out soon everyone reassured me that she would be out soon, I said "No I mean in like the next 2 minutes", they laughed. About a minute and a half later I pushed as hard as I could and her head came shooting out so fast everyone in the room jumped!
Two more pushes and her upper body was out, I reached down and pulled out my daughter.
On January 24th 2012 at 9:29pm I gave birth to Evelyn Rosemary Carolyn Burrell weighing 6lbs 9oz & 20.5 inches long with brown hair and dark eyes. It was my second all natural painkiller free birth.
My recovery was amazing, by the time we went to my sisters memorial on Saturday I was not sore and my bleeding had slowed to almost nothing, I did tear but I didn't need stitches.
I feel very fortunate to have had such an easy delivery and blessed to have my wonderful little family.

I love my sister and I miss her more everyday but when I look at my little baby I can't be sad, she is the glue that is holding me together, my family is my life I would be lost without them.