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update Day 19

Jul 03, 2014 - 0 comments

Weight Loss







I have come to feel very normal eating this way, at first I was hungry my stomach rumbling when i was trying to sleep, I worried about what I was going to eat and when but now, in my third week Im settled, I no longer rumble, I don't feel weak or obsessive about food or deprived, just normal.. kinda like I`ve always eaten like this!!
I have been eating carbs and frozen meals again but that's mainly due to a very limited food budget, but I know that when I eat clean the weight loss is quicker!!
So I will endeavour to buy what I can of clean foods ( to me, clean foods are a low carb diet)
My Monthly cycle threw me for a few days, while i still fasted I was more hungry and craved salty carbs, so i gave in to myself a little, didn't go crazy like. My weight stayed the same or even rose but I didn't take much notice of it as I know I gain water weight at that time. So I was easy on myself, I didn't exercise as strongly  as I have been of late. As soon as I stopped menstruating the gained weight came off to my lowest so far and to date I've lost over 8lbs and gained at lot more strength as I've added daily 10 mins HIIT exercises and using my body weight to build muscle again for about 10 mins duration. I have also lost 3.5" off my body.
So its all going in the right direction!! :)

Day 10, 11, and 12

Jun 26, 2014 - 0 comments

Ok Having used low carbing for a few years on and off, I felt deprived of mostly bread!! I love bread!! I love sandwiches!!I MISS bread!! :(

Day 10. 156.6lbs.
So thinking I can just go back to eating carbs while IFing, off I went to the shops to buy me some brown bread and hey while im there, pick up some crisps..and some frozen ready made meals..ugh..

Had a chicken salad sandwich aaaaaaaand a pack of crisps to break my fast.. ugh ..i know! I felt like poo pretty much straight away!! bloated and tummy cramps :/ I figured it was just my stomach reacting to the introduction of carbs/wheat/potato, then later a frozen curry and rice for dinner. I was really full and stopped eating at 4.30pm.
No bowel motion that day. Breasts a little sore, period due soon? I must keep a note of when Im due on!
No exercise.

Day 11. 156.6lbs.
Yoga flow for 20 mins.
Yoga for digestion 17 mins.
Yoga 1 hr of strength.
Broke fast at 12.30pm.
Another chicken salad sandwich, crisps and macaroni cheese frozen meal at work. Bloated this day.

Day 12. again 156.6lbs!! ugh.
So im guessing the weight lost so far has been water weight? I don't know? and now my body is reacting by storing? reacting to carbs?? I have decided to cut the carbs out!! and up my intake of water dramaticly.
Broke fast at 12.30 pm with meal in pic.

So my take away so far is that, i have lost water weight in the first 6 days, then no weight loss, due to adding carbs or my body trying to adapt and i need to drink way more water.
I don't seem to do well with carbs :/ no more crappy frozen meals, crisps or bread!!
back to clean eating for me!!

All in all im down 6.4lbs in 12 days, water weight or not, i cant sniff at that loss in that little time!!
I did expect weight loss to slow, so now im back to clean eating lets see how it goes from here on in ;)

Day 9 23/6/14

Jun 26, 2014 - 0 comments

Day after cheat day I'm up to 157.4lbs.
Fasted until 11.30 am but was real hungry around 10 am.
Had chicken salad.
Today I found it very difficult to eat much after my first meal I just wasn't that hungry, I felt full and couldn't stomach eating. I stopped eating at 3.30pm.
Sleep was much better last night but I am going to bed much later, i`m normally pooped by 10 pm but went to bed around midnight.

Day 8 22/6/14 cheat day :/

Jun 26, 2014 - 0 comments


Broke fast at 10 am and had chicken salad.
no cardio or yoga today, I had my Grand daughter over so went out for nice long walk on beach as the weather here in the UK has been really lovely!!
On the way home we stopped off at the local chippy and sat on the beach front and shared a small portion of fish and chips between myself, hubby and our Gbaby, was delicious!!
Stopped eating at 5.45pm.
But i was starving at 8pm so i had a low cal hot choc drink :/
So lets see what happens tomorrow with me have a cheat day?
I still only ate in my feeding window.