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Will relief ever be in sight?

Jul 15, 2009 - 0 comments

I was finally able to sleep well last night for the first time in a while.  My left side and my right hand are bothering me today.  My hands and feet feel very stiff and puffy.  My face is a little puffy too.  My neck is really stiff and sore (mainly on the left side).  I feel exhausted even though I slept well last night.

My muscles feel fatigued and weak and I just feel really run down.

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Work day 2

Jul 14, 2009 - 0 comments

My mind seemed a little sharper today, but fatigue, pain and headache were strong today.  

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Back to work

Jul 13, 2009 - 0 comments

I started a new job today working at the pharmacy that my husband and I own.  I haven't worked since I had kids 3 1/2 years ago.  I noticed that I seemed almost dyslexic.  A customer would spell their name and I could hear them, but it took me a few seconds to figure out how to spell it, and I would switch letters around in the wrong order.  The same with numbers.  While trying to file files, sometimes I couldn't figure out what number was lower or higher, and what order they should go in.  This is not like me at all!  It was so frustrating, because my mind was working so slow.

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not too bad

Jul 12, 2009 - 0 comments

Symptoms mild to moderate today.

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