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3 in a row!

Jul 26, 2010 - 0 comments

This makes 3 periods in a row!! Makes me happy. No severe pain, just normal cramps.

Kalyn's Periods

28 Days!!!!

Jun 24, 2010 - 3 comments

I know it is just spotting, but my doc told me that in my case, spotting counted! 28 days in between!!!! I haven't had this happen is over 2 years!!!! There is always at least 3 months in between!!! This proves to me that exercising and a healthy diet DOES WORK! Ha, people think I'm nuts when I get excited about getting my period, but having PCOS changes things, at least for me it does!

Kalyn's Periods

I Want It To STOP!!!!

Aug 12, 2009 - 3 comments

Out of the last 21 days I have bled 16 of them. I am sick of it already!!!! I told my doctor that I am done with all of this. She told me that this Micronor would put me on a regular schedule withing 3 months and now it has been almost 6 months and I have bled more than anything else. And when I am bleeding I cramp really really bad and my work and co-workers think I am putting on a show and I am sick of that too. If things don't calm down by Monday I am calling my doctor (even though she wanted me to wait a month) and tell them nothing is getting better. I can't go anywhere without the fear that I will "leak over". Even on the days when I just count it as "spotting" I end up having a gush that will last anywhere from 5 minutes to half an hour. Its bad enough that it is starting to affect my life. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything anymore :(.

Kalyn's Periods

This *****

Aug 10, 2009 - 0 comments






I am in so much pain and I have so much around the house to do. I do a little bit and then sit. I passed a clot earlier a little bigger than a quarter. That is the biggest one that I have passed in a while. Usually they are tiny. I just wish this would all stop. I am sick of being miserable.

Kalyn's Periods