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Aug 01, 2014 - 0 comments

Paws I just read about that so when I do quit will I always have symptoms . I dont know but I dont want that at all I thought when u quit it. Would be done with not come back. Help me plz im sisitting
Here just thinking when I quit and get a good job and then my luck ill get sick and miss days bc of my stupid decision to do pills what the crap has anyone been quit for a while and paws come on how long r u sick for and what happens help calm my mind and emotional state.

trying again

Aug 01, 2014 - 0 comments

As im thinking about me messing up I feel like depressed and really down on myself. Im afraid to tell my husband I messed up so being able to say it to everyone on here and no one getting mad is a really big help. Also I believe that when ive been trying to get off these rockets ive been depressed and the longer I stay off like three days I get more d eppressed. I believe tomorrow im going to make another attempt to try and get my health insurance back bc I believe getting a appointment with a counselor would help out a lot. I was seeing one before I lost my insurance and was prescribed nerve pills. Im really trying but it is very hard to keep myself from getting done. I have got to find a way to keep my mind occupied. Any good ideas of what would be good to do or what has helped them. Thanks

kicking the habit

Aug 01, 2014 - 5 comments

Just recently I have tried to detox myself from rockets after basically two years of doing them.  Im having a hard time with it and started by taking the strips to help u get off things. Well they make me sick after ten mins then im fine but tired as crap. After a couple of days of that I tried without anything and my whole body is hurting and have diarrhea but no vomiting. Also I had asked my mother and my husband for help with this long road that is ahead of me and told them that I wanted to stop. So I hope and pray this all goes well for us and my children. The main reason I started taking them is that they gave me energy to play with my kids plus work plus everything else a busy mother has to do. Any ideas on how and what else I could take like vitamins and how to stay off them. I got away from people that was doing them. Im really ashamed of what I do and how I got hooked but I realized that I had a problem and wanted to quit. If anyone has any helpful information that would help me in any way plz share thanks