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My New Journey

Jan 31, 2014 - 1 comments





first day

Starting tomorrow, I am going to begin changing my entire life. I have created a schedule I feel I can follow. It has anything from yoga, to walking, to Zumba. I also have Wii Fit U. I hope this and my diet will help. I am going to have two small meals and one larger meal everyday. My goal is to consume less than 2000 calories. My hope is to lose 2 pounds every week. If i continue with this, I should reach my goal in a couple months. I need to stay motivated and try my best. I am not perfect, and I know I am going to make mistakes. That is okay! In the end, I am going to lose this weight! :D Finally, I am going to have fun doing it! :D

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by breezytoo, Jan 31, 2014
Hi I saw your hopes of making a change in your life and I wish you well. It sounds like your very motivated and that's the ticket for success. I once lost 30 lbs. it took me six months but really you want to lose it kind of slow to avoid flabby skin, Your exercise will come handy there. Zumba is excellent/ I guess you have a Zumba tape? Oh I reread 2 lbs a week sounds good with your exercise. Good luck to ya sista! I have heard that if you drink a large glass of water before meals it helps you feel full faster. Good that they have diet charts for you to use here. I have been around MedHelp since 2007 and I love this place, it is my second social media. There is nothing even close to Medhelp anywhere else on the web.
Anyway, good luck and I'm glad you are here. A friend in Medhelp. Take Care  Darla

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