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Don't ever give up

Feb 05, 2014 - 0 comments

Medical conditions

Never let yourself to let your emotions rule your life, since you are letting us know your deepest complains, pain , I do not know what or how or where all the pain causing you to think. I also have everyday of past 2 yrs of thinking that way.
I found it very good to talk to someone before you get to that point of not wanting to care about your health . There is Family, Friends, Online chat with other like you and I to dialogue live with. ,And if you want talk to me very happy to do so or anyone else.. Don't ever give up your personal health battle with your life is very important to everyone out there going through same pain and despair.  I just recently purchased and had my genes analyzed for $100.,
I know a lot of people can't afford that, but it did shed some light on my condition I was almost ready to give up. We , all the Doctors, Experts, they have parts of the information we need however it never seems never to be complete. So God, Supreme being, or what ever you call it, would have puts us here to just throw in the towel.   Please CONTACT me or others out there. Your life is . Precious, even if you think it's fruitless , I found there are other worst off than me out there and have more Determination than I'll ever have.    The key is Sharing, Hope, and Understands your needs , this site has lot of good tools to possible help you change your life for the better. If you want to change your situation, guess what it's right in front of your precious mind. It will never be easy, but I guarantee that you will find changes for the better in your condition. Stay positive!!  and let know one get you down!

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