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Well its been 1.5 years since completing treatment....06/24/2009

Jun 24, 2009 - 1 comments

I must say I feel much better, but I think something is going wrong with my brain.   When I speak sometimes and its alot of the time.  I cannot get the words out that I want to say.. It comes out all wrong.. the wrong word comes out of my mouth.   I need to start writing down the sentences that I say wrong.. It seems to be quite frequent, or I cannot find the right word.    I am on the phone all day, and sometimes its frustrating.  I say these things over and over and I shouldnt have to struggle to say this sentence.      

I still have to go get a PCR test done.. I am sure that I am fine.  A couple of months ago I had some upper right quadrant pain, but I had to have some dental work done and had taken a couple pain pills.  So I thought it must be that.      The treatment really did a number on my teeth.     Big mess that was.. Oh well, don't have to worry about that anymore..  LOL  

I guess I need to make an appointment with my primary doctor and talk to her about this issue I am having.    

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by smaug48, Jun 25, 2009
Sorry to hear about the problems, Dana.  Hopefully your PCP can provide some insight.

Great that you are taking care of your teeth.  Gingivitis is inflammation that stresses your system, so good to get rid of it.

Keep up the fight to get better, you will get there!


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