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Jun 25, 2009 - 3 comments




I suffer from depression and anxiety. For the last couple of week, really a month now I have been hiding from life. I just crawl into bed and wish the day would go by. I don't want to get up and clean house or go to the store. It took me three days to go the to store. Once I got home I was so stressed out it took me forever to put away the food and pick up the bags. Every thing is such a task to get done. Every time I think about going out I get so scared and think of reason's not to go. My heart race's and I begin to freak out over every thing.I am not on any meds and I really can use a Xanax right now! I called the Doctor's and my PCP can't see me. I can't go to the metal health until I am referred from my PCP.  

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by cosmo110, Jun 25, 2009
Hello !
i have been acting the same from about last four months and it has finally come to an end now !
its good that you have shared your problem here it must have lightened your load in heart...
well actuaslly u NEED freinds to hang out with
trust me but this is how its gonna work...
if u have a reason to get deoressed over you shud STOP thinking about it .... since thinking about a problem that u cannot solve only makes it worst....

but if u do not have a problem to worry over ...{this was my case... i used to be depresed over nothing} then it means u neeed attention....
find yourself someone who can make u happy...

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by cosmo110, Jun 25, 2009
i hope this helps you !
we are in a world whre depression is becomign one of the most common sickness... where as we can see there are too many things to distract us PSP xBOX other stuff to keep urself many magazines novels internet chatting ...n stuff...
u just need to involve urself more into stuff..
if u continue to stay away from stuff ......if wont help..

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by garyjw, Jun 25, 2009
Boy can I relate. I've been this way for going on three years now. Xanax is NOT the answer if you have any addiction issues,  and I'd be wary of it even if you didn't. I got so addicted to Xanax --- and the second is wears off -- about four hours in my case -- I would PLUNGE into panic attacks so horrid and frightening that I finally understood why people committ suicide -- noone can stay in a panic mode for very long....the body just can't take it and eventually the anxiety or panic attack subsides -- UNLESS iT"S MEDICATION-RELATED PANIC, meaning that you must take another Xanax - or in my case 10 Xanaxes -- just to make the panic go away for another four hours.

I still take Valium but not Xanax -- it's just too addictive.

Just know that you are not alone. Sometimes when I feel like this, I feel like I'm the only one in the world who goes through this hell -- agoraphobia, panic attacks, hot and cold flashes -- and I have chronic back pain as well from three surgeries. Over the last 10 years, I've become inclreasingly reculsive. I was lucky to get SSI and I am 100 percent disabled -- so that gives me all the time in the world to lay in bed and wish I could just sleep 24hours a day.

24 hours a day? That means all the time! Yeah - Sometimes I wish I could just be asleep all the time.
That's so scary, because if you are asleep every minute of the day and night, you might as well be dead -- and I am not and have never have been suicidal.

I tend to make all these doctor and counseling and physical therapy appointments in an attempt to get myself together and get help -- but ive cancelled more appointments than I've kept over the past three years.

I just live with this fear and dread and feelings of impending doom. I worry and obsess over the littliest things, sillythings, stupid things.  I have dropped all my friends, and my roomate and partner is the only person I even care to see.  He is supportive and helps when I can't go out for whatever reason.

I would strongly recommend that you seek some therapy. You need to confront the fears that are keeping you homebound and freaked out. I stay stuck in my problem mainly becaiuse of the physical chronic pain. If you have no huge health issue, then it must be something else. I encourage you to find out what.

As for not being able to get anything done -- RIGHT ON..... I've always been someone who was proud of my appearance and I cared what people thought about me and the way I looked, and my demeanor. Over the last three years, I have just let myself go. I would go days without showering or shaving. (Why shower? I'm not going anywhere..... I also began to neglect my teeth, or dental hygine -- and I've had my teeth cleaned twice a year since I was a child.  I'd brush maybe twice a week, and never floss.

I didn't really DECIDE NOT to brush my teeth -- it just kind of happened, along with everything else. I just had no interest in doing ANYTHING..... not even cooking me something to eat!

Well, not too long ago I looked in a mirror and saw black spots on some of my teeth and the gums had receeded dramatically. I finally wen to the dentist -- only to learn that my neglect had caused peridontal disease!! I've got 10 cavities. and I had to go four times to have my my teeth "scraped."  It's horrible. painful -- and I must leave the house and drive 10 miles -- a real chore sometimes.  Then there's the $4000 dental bill. $4000 -- just because I wouldn't brush my teeth.... how sad.

If I DON"T go get all this fixed, my teeth will fall out eventually
I am NOT going to lose my teeth to anxiety.
Sorry if I got off topic with my dentistry woes, but I just want to emphasize that there can be grave consequences to just
"giving up..."

I wish you luck and I hope you find a good therapist. If you are afraid to leave your house, I know of some therapists who specialzie in agoraphobia -- fear of people, leaving house, ect. -- and these therapists actually GO to the client's house and hold the sessions there.

But they will focus on getting you out of there, which, for me, on some days, seems impossible.

thanx. jg

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