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Feb 11, 2014 - 1 comments






Got up for breakfast with my daughter today and actually felt quite good considering..........this lasted about ten minutes and then bang.......back to normal.
Hit me hard with a quick dizzy spell followed by a lot of neck pain then a very slow pulsing shock pain from the base of my skull right down my spine. fizzy numbness spots are still there along with the other numb patches my hands are not as sore today so far.
Over night I struggled to get to sleep mostly because of the Tinnitus I think but when I did get some sleep it was interrupted by spasms. I was totally exhausted come the middle of the night and remember seeing 4.30am and then woke with my wife's alarm at 6.30am which meant I had actually got a decent two hours in, which was an achievement.

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by gqmolyneux, Feb 11, 2014
overall my body has a feeling of anxiety which is culminating in a lot of pressure at the base of my skull leaving me feeling dizzy and sickly.

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