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Jun 29, 2009 - 1 comments

Well I did pig out last night at about 10pm on 10 Macvities chocolate homewheat biscuites-  i jsut couldn't resist and one lead to another and another etc....

The weight gain this morning was a nice little wake up call though -  hoping to go for a ru today -  wont be a long one as it is going to be a hot day but after taking Elizabeth to school I plan on running to the local park, round the duck pond and to my mums.... then  rest at hers -  then back home -  should be about 3 miles in total..... will be walking to and from school twice today too thats another almost 3 miles....

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by elaine1961, Jun 29, 2009
Oh dear never mind, thats the trouble with biscuits cant just have one, iv got some french fancy cakes as cameron wanted them there are 4 still in the box, up to now i have managed to resist.
Keep going you can do it

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