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Scan on June 28 6 weeks 2 days

Jun 30, 2009 - 2 comments

We had our scan yesterday, and everything was fine. We think we seen the yolk sac and we found only one gestational sac. I do have a 3 mm cyst on my rt ovary which they are not too worried about. I go back next week for another scan!

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by dnikki0928, Jun 30, 2009
Yay!!! I'm glad you got to see the sac! I was wondering how you've been :-) I'm starting to feel better, although evening and night are still proving to be the worst...But I haven't REALLY gotten sick since Friday which is a huge plus! I have to eat when I'm hungry and I can only eat what sounds good - if not, forget it lol!!! Hope all is well your way!! Keep me posted :-)

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by mommyoftwo28644, Jun 30, 2009
I have had a busy few days and been sick. I am a little worried that he wasn't sure if he seen the yolk sac or not and he wants me to wait another week before I schedule a appt with a dr so I am a little worried but I think everything is ok. He told me yesterday that there are some pills that are good for nausea they are b6 and ginger pills so I am going to try them out. I am glad you are able to eat thats me I am the same way. :o)

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