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finally saw rheumatologist yesterday

Mar 06, 2014 - 4 comments

I have sicca (sjogrens?) and "unusual" symptoms. Lol, well he probably hasn't seen anyone that's done triple tx before (except diana66) Am off to have some more detailed tests.
He is thinking/hoping the symptoms may be self limiting and will eventually go away. I hope so!

"It seems likely that she is affected by an autoimmune rheumatic process at this time and the question is whether this has been provoked by her recent anti-viral therapy or is an independent event. The question is also whether this will turn into a defined entity such as SLE or Sjogren's as time passes."

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by pooh55811, Mar 06, 2014
I hope that your symptoms gradually wane and disappear. That is possible. Once the drugs are completely out of your system, your immune system may go back to normal. However, both Hepatitis C and Interferon can trigger Autoimmune diseases so it is possible the symptoms will stay. I hope not, but it is possible. It is good that you have a competent Rheumatologist.

Just in case you are interested in a Sjogren's Syndrome forum, here is a link to a really good Sjogren's forum:

I have found it very helpful.

Best of luck.

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by nzkiwilife, Mar 06, 2014
Thank you pooh! You really are so helpful and I appreciate the time you spend to help me and others.  

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by Diana66, Mar 06, 2014
wait for the blood test results first. That will clearly show if SLE or sjongrens are positive

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by pooh55811, Mar 07, 2014
A person can have Sjogren's Syndrome/Disease without having a positive SS-A or positive SS-B (Sjogren's Antibody). Only 50-60 percent of people with Sjogren's have a positive antibody to Sjogren's. The rest have no antibodies to Sjogren's. I have had Sjogren's for many years, since at least the early 1990s (although no doctors put the symptoms together until I saw the Rheumatologist in July 2013). My Sjogren's Antibodies were negative in January 2012. In July 2013 the SS-A was positive but the SS-B was negative. Good Rheumatologists will treat according to symptoms because they know that people often have Sjogren's but do not have positive blood work.

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