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Going to get 2nd beta levels drawn today

Jul 01, 2009 - 0 comments

SOOOO nervous, but starting to feel a little better because I did talk to the Dr. yesterday evening and he said that he was excited about the #'s that came back yesterday. If all continues to go well it sounds like he wants to schedule an u/s a week from Friday... a week and a half is an eternity for an impatient pregnancy women... but what can ya do?? Any earlier and they might not see anything and that could just lead to more unecissary worry. Because its a holiday weekend I might not get the results until Monday, but the nurse said that she may have to come in and due paperwork on Thurs or Fri anyway so she would leave a note for herself to call me. I though that was really sweet. But just in case anything changes Im trying not to get my hopes up to hear results till Mon.
In the mean time I pick up my progesterone today... I think that I may feel better once I start taking that. Maybe it will at least give me the feeling that "I am doing something". I think thats the WORST. Just waiting and waiting and hoping and hoping to get the result that you want, but not being able to do ANYTHING to influence it *sigh* Grow little baby! Grow!!

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