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Only in WV, True Story!!

Jul 02, 2009 - 5 comments

I went to the tire shop today, and they told me this story, it happened yesterday and they have pictures to prove it. A young girl came in, and had a BudLight card board box taped to her trunk with purple duct tape. The car happened to be white, and someone had scratched the words below the box "have you saw my dead racoon". She had gotten up and found a dead coon in her yard, she was afraid her dog would get it, so she put the coon in the box and taped it to the trunk of her car. When she came into the tire shop to have new tires put on her car, there were flies around the box, and it stank so bad you could not get near the car. When asked why do you have a dead coon in a box taped to your car?? her reply was I forgot to throw it away, then she was asked how long has it been there, and without cracking a smile she replied 4 days. Only in WV where I live can something like this really happen. TRUE STORY

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by 122 Tactical Fighter Group, Jul 02, 2009
I didnt even know that they made purple duct tape, outotown!  Thanks for posting that one.  Ohh - I see.......... only in WV - -

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by boogieman, Jul 02, 2009
maybe she should try craigslist or ebay

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by 122 Tactical Fighter Group, Jul 02, 2009
Did you see that post yesterday that said the guy just looked on Craigs List for an oxy dealer?  How does that work anyway...?   seriously.... thats what the post said.........

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by lonewolf07, Jul 02, 2009
Purple duct tape?  Only four days with a dead raccoon taped to her car, eh?  I bet she doesn't watch CSI  = )

What is Craig's list.  No, I don't want to buy dope.

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by outotown, Jul 02, 2009
Dont know fer sure if it was duct tape but thats what it looked like in the pics, I was to interested in the dead coon, and why she had it taped to the car

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