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Jul 03, 2009 - 0 comments








Didnt really have a chance ystrdy durin day to think bout anythin but work - was SO busy, the day just flew in!! Which was good, tho sad that bein inside all day meant I missed out on the gorgeous weather yet again, but hey ho need to earn a crust.

Got home from work then the feelins of loneliness kicked in, I am tryin my best to extend my network of friends but I dont know how to meet like minded people. As usual its all about me!!!! I made a decision to no longer see my ex - he was my ex for a reason, tho I thought we cld try again after bein 2getha for 18yrs, its been hard but I really dont feel the same anymore. Yeah Ill always have a place in my heart for him, but Im no longer "in luv" with him, I can see that clearly now. I have moved on & he hasnt. I think I just need to find out about me this year, tho most of the time I dont like myself too much. I dont want to sit on my own every evenin and find the weekends really hard,

Oh well at least my day wasnt bad & hopefully 2day will be ok 2

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