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Should have started this right after.....

Jul 05, 2009 - 0 comments

Had I known then that I was spiraling down to another hellish episode of my Adjustment Disorder and that MedHelp was available for talking to others and being able to record my stress and emotions, I might have been able to keep my outbursts and depression at bay. Oh well...hindsight is a *****, as they say, but better late than never cliche overrules. I look back now, starting from when I lost my job in January, and all of the emotional and physical changes that I went through. The headaches, my back pain, depression, crying over the smallest things, opthalmic (ocular) migraines and so forth. Having more knowledge and understanding now, has made everything so much easier to cope with. One of the biggest frustrations was not knowing WHY I was so frustrated!!

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