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AF after fibroid removal???

Mar 15, 2014 - 0 comments

I have always had normal cycles up until now for some reason. Ever since I had my hsg which was in october 2013 my cycle has been off. I actually had to be prescribed progesterone to get it started. These recent cycle was the longest cyle ever. It was a 60-day cycle. I have not made any lifestyle changes and i haven't been doing anything different. I'm not even stressed out. Right now I'm on CD35. I would have been had it by now. I gonna give it a couple days and see what happens. Sometimes I feel like its gonna start and then other times i don't. My question is could the surgery have caused my cyle to be off? Have any of you ladies dealt with this or experienced it. Im finally ready for the next step in ttc and my cycle being off is the last thing i need.

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