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Yet Another Clinical Trial and Yes, I Love Being a Guinea Pig!

Jul 07, 2009 - 4 comments

Hello friends!

Well I’ve decided on a treatment and yes it is yet another trial! I talked to my doctor there at MD Anderson in Houston and several trial nurses that pitched their trials to me. The winner is the sexy one called “Perifosine and Docetaxel in Patients With Relapsed Epithelial Ovarian Cancer”. This one was the most attractive because the nurse said it seems to be especially effective for clear cell OVCA. That’s what I have and most all medical journals have poor prognosis with standard treatment. DUH! That’s what happened to me now with 2 different treatments. So I’ve got a few weeks off of all chemo Yea! Then will schlep down to Houston to (get this) do blood work, x-ray, ekg, Pet Scan, MRI, CT Scan and then a needle biopsy of a tumor. THEN I start the trial. Whew…doesn’t that sound like a fun few days!

Hopefully I’ll be able to fit in a taichi or yoga session in between scans/tests. They offer all kinds of things there.

Sorry this is so medical and boring….

Okay non medical stuff…I’m here at home ALL ALONE! Yes! Though I love, love, love my girl and hubby, it is so nice to be a single girl for a few days. They are both in Colorado though on different trips. I’m here with my pup and cat! So watched a chick flick tonight and will just veg and enjoy the quiet and coming downstairs to a clean kitchen for a change! It’s the little things here isn’t it?

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer though it’s come on with a vengeance here….been over a 100 degrees for the last 2 weeks.

Stay cool

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386450 tn?1263733624
by Hindat, Jul 07, 2009
Hi Teresa,

  I hope this new trial works for you and that the side effects are not too bad.  I wish I could go to MD Anderson seems like they have alot more options.  I am starting chemo again today.  When I went for surgery the surgeon saw cancer everywhere so he didn't repair the hernia because I would have to go back on chemo.  I will be doing carbo and gemzar.  I hope the side effects are not to bad with this one.  I have enjoyed being off chemo for the last six months.  Let us know how your trial goes.  I wish you good luck with it.

Take care,

107366 tn?1305680375
by gah_70, Jul 07, 2009
Hi Teresa,

I was on my way home from my pre-anesthesia visit this morning (surgery Friday to remove my port), and you popped into my mind.  I told myself I was going to email you to see how you're doing.  In fact, I was also thinking of you, too, Linda, and had planned to email you, too.  You ladies must have ESP or something!  

So this is a different trial than the two you were considering a couple of weeks ago? (No Dr. Hennessy?)  It sounds promising for clear cell, so I wish you all the luck in the world with it.  Is this something you'll have to remain in Houston to do, or will it be back and forth?  I'll be back in September, myself.  I am wishing you all the luck in the world with your new "job".  That's exactly what this ads up to be.  You'll be traveling and keeping yourself busy with all this, so it's your new employment opportunity!  

Take care, and please let us know how it goes.  


340734 tn?1256586262
by Angie_Lou, Jul 07, 2009
I too, wish you all the best with the new trial, Ms. Guinea Pig!  Take care.  Angie

349465 tn?1289081764
by Teresa222, Jul 07, 2009
Teresa TWO, I hope and pray this is the one for you! I'll throw in wishes for few side effects too!
Teresa ONE

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