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More Calories Consumed

Mar 20, 2014 - 0 comments










I consumed 1800+ calories on Wednesday because I need to pump milk for my baby as it is his schedule for Hep B vaccine on Thursday. Less than 1500 will not suffice. It is only ok when my baby directly drinks milk from my breast but it will take me too long to pump for even 1/4 the bottle if I don't consume more foods than usual. I felt different things. I felt happy coz I have an excuse to eat more than usual, I just love food. I feel kind of bad coz I know I won't lose pounds for that day and kind of worried because when I start to eat more than the reduced amount, it's hard for me to stop eating more. That is why I had these 2-3 week period where I did not lose any pounds (although I did not gain either). However, I did consume less calories the next day but it was still more than what I was consuming in my reduced diet. Today, I ate a lot for breakfast already. If I eat less in lunch and much less in dinner, I think it'll be fine but if not, I guess I'll try again tomorrow. I am almost 45 kg. I am so sure I will be 45kg by Sunday weigh in for the Summer Weight challenge if I didn't consume more calories than I used to for the past 2 days but now, let's just see. I think I'll still lose some even if I didn't reach exactly 45kg. However, it would feel more of an achievement if I reach 45kg by Sunday.

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