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Models of Addiction

Mar 25, 2014 - 11 comments














At a Glance -

1) Moral Model: Alcohol or drug use is a choice; addiction is a symptom of moral deficiency and/or lack of willpower.

2) Sociocultural Models: Cultural, ethnic, religious and environmental conditions are casual factors in addiction.

3) Psychological Models: Addiction is a secondary symptom of underlying psychological disorders. Alcohol or drug use is learned and reinforced behavior.

4) Disease Model: Addiction is a primary, chronic, and progressive disease, probably caused by a genetic predisposition.

5) Biopsychosocial Model: Addiction is the result of multiple, interacting variables, the strength of which vary between individuals.

Summary -

The moral model is not widely accepted and discourages people from seeking treatment.

Sociocultural and psychological models explain addiction as a result of environmental or personality factors.

The disease model is widely accepted because of its medical orientation and because abstinence is logically related to this model.

The disease model has helped to reduce the stigma of addiction and has enlisted the support of the medical community in treatment.

A disadvantage of the disease model is that some addicts blame their behavior on the "disease."

The biopsychosocial model incorporates all the relevant variables in the etiology and treatment of addiction.

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by weaver71, Mar 25, 2014
This is a great tool, thanks for putting it up. I think most of us have a little mix of those.

4113881 tn?1415850276
by ActingBrandNew, Mar 25, 2014
@ Tony- I agree with you...I can see many of those characteristics in myself and other addicts. I usually keep notes on a word document for school but for this quarter Im thinking Im going to use my journal instead so if anybody is interested in the information it will available. Hope all is well with you my friend.

1827057 tn?1397520277
by ricart70, Mar 25, 2014
This is great Evan!   People need to see this and delve into it. ;)))

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by weaver71, Mar 25, 2014
I can't co back to school for awhile, so I'll be watching for your entries. Things seem to be just as good as they oughta be. I could be worse and would be okay if this is as good as it gets. That's a heck of leap over many years past. Hope you're loving the more specific studies, gettin into the meat of it. Thanks for sharing.

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by weaver71, Mar 25, 2014
Oh, have you studied the enneagram, this analysis of addiction reminds me of the enneagram, but it is the 8 personalities. Add that to whAt you posted here and it explains a lot.

4113881 tn?1415850276
by ActingBrandNew, Mar 25, 2014
No I havent got into that yet but I will be looking out for it and when we do cover it I will share.

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by ROSYouralright, Mar 25, 2014
Thanks for sharing!! I can definitely relate to some of this!!

4522800 tn?1470325834
by VICourageous, Mar 25, 2014
Anything you usually put in is great info..Keep it up..I think I have a bit of it all too. I would have to lean more toward environment at first and maybe Genes. BUT it was me who made the choice to keep at it day after day the last 16 years. I do think that this disease takes a while to

7284346 tn?1402238725
by AShellof_Me, Mar 26, 2014
This is great stuff. What are studying if I might ask? Just curious. Counseling/psych? Very interesting. Could be that each of the models applies uniquely to each individual... knowing many addicts myself ~ I can see most of these models playing out differently for each of those I know... interesting! Of course, each one of these models probably has huge depth of knowledge to be explored and to dig in deeper to get at the meat of it.

Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to more of your posts.

4113881 tn?1415850276
by ActingBrandNew, Mar 26, 2014
@ AShellof_Me - Im currently in the Drug and Alcohol Studies Certificate Program at Cal State University Bakersfield.

The models I posted above are from my text book "Substance Abuse: Information for School Counselors, Social Workers, Therapists, and Counselors" 5th edition by:Fisher and Harrison.

I too can see the models playing out differently for addicts. Some may have only one apply while others may have them all apply.

5249831 tn?1407713726
by dustbear, Mar 31, 2014
Boy I can relate to this now that I've been pot free for one year and 6 days!  I tried many times to quit over the past 30+ years and could not do it for many of the above reasons. Fear of many things... I have this treatment to thank for giving me the strength to make choices I could never do before. A blessing in disguise.

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